Remembering Proclamation 5890

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Families all over the world who have been personally impacted by pregnancy and infant loss gather to hold vigils throughout the month of October, and most especially on October 15, a day known as International Remembrance day.

October was declared Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month in 1988 by then President Ronald Reagan.

So stillbirthday, with help from Missouri Senator Roy Blunt and Senator Claire McCaskill, is arranging for an American flag to be flown over the United States capitol on October 25, the date that Proclamation 5890 was signed.

Thank you, President Reagan, for honoring all families impacted by pregnancy and infant loss.

Please click here to read Proclamation 5890.





A mother experiences a pregnancy and infant loss literally every minute in the United States, many occurring at approximately 12 weeks gestation.  The approximate size of baby in utero at 12 weeks gestation is about the size of a plum.  If the number of American losses annually were represented in plums, laid side by side across the US capitol grounds (approximately 2 miles) it would take 24 rows of plums lined fully across the entire grounds.

24 rows

The pink & blue ribbon, for Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness & Remembrance

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