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tgInto our third year of providing support to families and training to professionals, we recently credentialed our 198th certified stillbirthday birth & bereavement doula, Ashley Arnold, SBD.


Ashley was sponsored into our training program and now wants to offer a full sponsorship to someone interested in the training.  Just complete the form below, and one random entry will be selected and announced on Friday, December 5, to enroll into our training session beginning January 5, 2014.

That’s it.  It’s really that simple.


You can click here to learn about our doula program.

You can click here to learn about our general sponsorship program (and can list your name there or sponsor a name there as well).  We ask if your name is listed on the general sponsorship list already only because it is a long list – one way or the other is not required to enter the giveaway.






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