Our Angel Amia

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Told by: Pierre


I’m a husband and father of two daughters and my wife and I recently loss our angel Amia almost eight months ago.

During my wife pregancy everything was going pretty well and to be expecting another girl again was a joy. Amia was our Christmas gift and our 3yr old Laidia couldn’t be happier to be a big sister. You never think that you will say hello and good-bye to your baby and death is not even a second thought. After we loss Amia and was told that she didn’t have a heartbeat while my wife was in labor was one of the most horrible day of my life.

I feel so invisible because I’m always being told to take care of my wife and family but I need help to do that as well. I feel unwanted and like I don’t even matter or just not needed.

Everyone is concerned about my wife and they should be but I witness the whole thing. I feel like a man is expected to not show emotions and to get over it but she was my daughter too. My wife and I still can talk about the loss and I know we’re on this journey together but I feel like no one understands or hears me when I speak.

We’re trying to pick our lives up the best way we can but there’s not a lot of support or people that we can relate to and I hope we can soon. I’ve been depress, stress, angry and not wanting to be around anyone. I hope this journey through grief and loss with get easier and I can learn to cope better.



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