2017 Hearts Release

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Our annual Hearts Release will be held in the Chicagoland area on October 15, 2017.  In 2016, we released our hearts into the Mississippi River, and in 2017 we’re going to rise and start at the top of the waterways by releasing our hearts into Lake Michigan.


Every year we do things just a little bit differently.  In the 2016 event, we had to trace multiple different streams of communication as our gorgeous community shared your beloved baby’s names.  As a result, we had a multi-page gathering of typed baby’s names that held more than 400 babies names that our web link did not reflect.  Worried loved ones weren’t sure if their baby’s names were included, but trusted us that we did and do hold your beloved baby’s names.

We at stillbirthday fundamentally believe in transparency, because what we’re holding is your vulnerability.  So this year, we’re going to have our name listing in a format that reflects your contributions publicy in real time.  Previously you submitted your names here, and waited as they were manually published here.  They will again be manually transcribed from your additions into print, and then handwritten onto our tiny floral seeded hearts.

Our tiny hearts contain recycled, degradable paper and the seeds of Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Black Eyed Susan, Catchfly, Snapdragon, English Daisy and Sweet Alyssum.


Please, visit our social media event page to add the names of the babies that have changed our lives.

On October 15, 2017, we will be releasing our tiny, floral seeded hearts into Lake Michigan.  You’ll be able to follow our event page as we select the optimal location and specific timeframe.  Wherever you are in the world, you are warmly invited to be part of this event, by adding your babies names and following along the event page, or if you’re able, to be present in person at the event.

We selected Chicago for this year’s event in honor of Raya Viktoria Mirtchev, as her parents drove all the way from Chicago to our 2016 Hearts Release at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis Missouri, and in honor of two sweet babies whose mama is my friend, the gorgeous Valencia.  These determined mothers traveled all the way from Chicago for various stillbirthday events, and so it is with a clear compelling that we bring our event to this area.

{ be part of our event – click to the social media event page }

As always, this opportunity is totally free, for you to contribute names or for you to participate in person.  There are families who desire to give financial contributions because there can be something tangibly experienced in the giving and their hearts have led them in doing so, but truly, we simply want everyone to know that you are freely invited to come together in a meaningful way that honors the global community of which we are part.

Please, join our facebook event page and be part of the global message.



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