Purple Daisy Award

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The Purple Daisy is an award honoring the doula providing excellent, compassionate and skillful care to the families we serve.

We invite you to nominate your doula. Twice a year, nominated and selected stillbirthday doulas will be announced as winners of the Purple Daisy Award.

Purple Daisy doulas get to wear the logo on their profile page, and receive a sweet glass charm that can be added to an ID badge, doula bag, keychain, or bracelet.

As paraprofessionals with the desire to serve families, we Birth & Bereavement Doulas® often come alongside and join healthcare teams.  Some of the finest care team members within the healthcare industry hold the honorable “Daisy Award.”

The Daisy Award was established by the Daisy Foundation by the family of J. Patrick Barnes, their adult son, who died.  His family was so moved by the level of care shown by his providers, they established a Foundation to continue the legacy of incredible service, and, of acknowledging incredible service.  You can read this brochure about the Daisy Award.

Stillbirthday doulas have worked alongside many Daisy Award nurses, and we’d like to challenge ourselves to the highest level of compassionate, skillful care we can provide.

*Stillbirthday is not affiliated with the Daisy award or the Daisy Foundation.  We simply want to draw attention to the Daisy Award as a bar of excellence we all professionals should rise to, and the Purple Daisy award serves as a parallel distinction for doulas.

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