About Our Chat Message

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If you need immediate assistance:

  • Find a Doula – is our directory of credentialed stillbirthday doulas by location.  You can search by location and get connected to every SBD Doula® in that area.
  • Connect with SBD Doulas® – is a public group for families, inquiries and SBD Doulas®.


All other inquiries are great for the chat box.

While there are a number of ways of connecting with stillbirthday and the founder, Heidi Faith, the chat message box is proving to be a very helpful feature, so feel welcome to use it.

The “message / chat” box option at the bottom of the screen should not be used to locate a doula.  Because we don’t have any overhead cost or administrative staff, the messages are stored and retrieved as soon as possible, but there can be delay.




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