BWF Find Your Village Doula

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If you have experienced the gloriousness that is Birth Without Fear through a BWF MeetUp or Find Your Village, and want to pursue becoming a birth & bereavement doula®, you can apply your full BWF MeetUp or Find Your Village ticket purchase toward your SBD doula tuition!

Here’s how it works:

01.} Attend your BWF MeetUp or Find Your Village.

02.} Check out what our doula program is about.  Our SBD doula tuition is $250.  Subtract your BWF MeetUp or Find Your Village ticket purchase from that.

03.} Complete this link {} with that total amount.  The example of {250-65=185} is given in the working link here for you.

04.} After completing your SBD doula tuition online, just connect with Heidi Faith, and you’ll be added to our roster as well as have immediate access to our SBD U Admissions classroom.


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