Post Loss Lactation Tattoo




“esta madre se tatua en el pecho a su bebe que fallecio me dejo sin palabras”


“Tattoo on this mother nursing her baby who passed away left me speechless.”

This photo (source*) was shared with stillbirthday by the amazing mother and doula, Gena Kirby, at Progressive Parenting.

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*The original source has had a watermarking/authorship debate and whether it is a true tattoo.  This brings up a valuable point for bereaved parents that deciding on a tattoo – even the smallest one – is a commitment.  Tattoos do not equate a higher level of love, but instead are merely a single opportunity, of many, to express our love.   The photo is shared by stillbirthday as an opportunity to demonstrate a powerful message – and that message is this – post-loss lactation is a very real representation of our very real baby.  It is something we can nurture in whatever lactation decisions we make, including cessation or donation.






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The Silent Birth of Samuel Anthony

Told by: Jessica



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Isaiah’s Story

Shared by: Jennifer

This is my memorial tattoo in honor of my son, Isaiah.  I am sharing it to be held in the stillbirthday memorial photos section.

I have also written my first book, Isaiah’s Story.

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The Healing Sparrow

Shared by: Sarah

The words are a quote from a hymn “It Is Well With My Soul” by a Christian man just after his children died tragically at sea.

It is written in my husband’s handwriting and is the phrase I cried over and am healing with. The bird is a sparrow after the verse in Matthew saying that not one (sparrow which can be bought two for a penny) falls to the ground outside your Father’s care.

The sparrow is a humble, common bird. Miscarriages are common and often dismissed. But there is nothing our God looks at as common.

Nothing He shrugs off. All of it is meant to reflect His glory. So, even in this agony, there is beauty and hope.

I don’t have words for how much this is helping me in my healing process and that I will always have a way to honor my babies and my God whose goodness shines so brightly in my tragedy.

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Me and Levi

Shared by: Jennifer

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Hector’s Feet

Shared by: Rosie

This is my tattoo: it may be very common, but I loved it. I added the copy of my sons feet print the hospital did for my son. I was 14 1/2 weeks pregnant with my little boy when I lost him on May 7 2013.

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A Grandmothers Stars

Shared by: Karen

This is my tattoo: the big star at the bottom is me with my stillborns star inside me her name is Lauren, the next 4 stars are my daughters, Linzi, michele, sami and abbie-Lauren (the second star has a cross in it for my daughters miscarried baby), then the next 3 stars are for my grandchildren, 2 girls and a boy.

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Kurin’s Angel

Shared by: Kurin

I got an angel tattoo the day my OB told me that  I’d never have a live birth.

After 5 miscarriages in a row and few surgeries…

The day I got this angel to watch over my lost babies, I got pregnant with my rainbow baby.

3 pregnancies later I still have no stretch marks on it (my stomach).


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Born Still is Still Born

Shared by: Terra

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Heritage and Healing

Shared by: Mikayla

I recently had a miscarriage and soon after found out that I will not be able to have kids.

This was the only time I had ever been pregnant and I’m only 20 years old.

This was my way of reminding myself that I am strong and could make it through this and its my way of remembering my unborn child, also with the candy skull it shows my heritage of being Hispanic so I wanted to wrap my roots of my past with the roots of what would have been my future. . .

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