Church & Campus Doula Program

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The Church & Campus Doula Program is a joint collaboration of leaders, faculty and inspiration between multiple organizations and individuals to bring you the strongest network of resources to make the most well equipped church or campus doula(s) in your area, including:

Campus Team:

  • Steve Butler (chaplain with 20 years campus ministry experience)

Church Team:

  • Doran Richards (founder Blessing God’s Way)


Both programs are overseen by Heidi Faith, stillbirthday founder.
As an SBD Church doula or Campus doula, you’ll provide support to your immediate niche community – your college campus or faith based congregation.

To enroll in either designation, you will:

the stillbirthday doula program is $250 standard

the adoption, church  & campus doula programs are $175

  • successfully earn your SBD doula credential
  • at any point in the process, submit a letter of approval/interest/support from your collegiate counselor or pastoral staff member on your behalf.


Payment can be made online here through PayPal or by check.
Letters should be sent directly from the counselor or pastor and can either be emailed to or mailed to:

The M0M Center
c/o Heidi Faith
101 W. Washington Street
Kearney MO 64060


After you’ve earned your SBD credential, to complete your CCD specialized training, you’ll:

  • be offered a place in the Church or Campus program classroom community, where you’ll have access to information, wisdom and mentorship from within the CCD community and faculty.
  • enter our CCD private community, where you’ll review two selected articles of your choosing as they pertain to your niche area of service, and write a review on those two selected items.
  • establish a “service plan” identifying the need in your demographic and steps you intend to bring support.
  • continue to offer and to receive guidance in serving families from within your special niche area of service.

Once you have successfully earned your SBD credential, and completed your specialty Church Doula or Campus Doula designation, you’ll receive your specially designated logo, and more.


Area Opportunities Include:

 (here’s just a few perspectives to consider)

Church Doulas

  • A special ladies ministry of skill and support.
  • SBD defines church as any corporate collection of individuals who share any similar spiritual belief and adhere to any certain doctrine or teachings for spiritual health, and Church Doulas as those individuals who have successfully completed our program with a heart to bring edification, healing and support into their church home environment.  The Church Doula credential and role is purposed as a diverse opportunity inasmuch as the foundational values embedded within all of stillbirthday are maintained.
  • Where the incredible SBD Doula credential addresses any and all persons globally and universally experiencing pregnancy and infant loss, the Church Doula program then transitions and allows for a deeper application into the most relevant needs within the church home.
  • How your congregation’s response to loss or bereavement impacts the healing journey.
  • Religion and complicated grief.
  • Connections between honoring maidenhood, maternity and bereavement holistically.

Campus Doulas

  • Single parenthood and loss.
  • Grades and other social pressures.
  • Bartering for progress.

Adoption Doulas

  • Some of these aspects of care cross over into the Adoption Doula category.  Applicants may be successfully qualified for this designation in addition to Church or Campus Doulas.
  • SBD Adoption Doulas can join our extended learning classroom.



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