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Here is a collection of crafts, tutorials and ideas that can be beneficial to our Love Cupboard coordinators, or for parents who want to engage in crafts with surviving and/or subsequent children as a therapeutic way to talk about the child’s beloved sibling.  We have a listing of helpful bereavement creativity websites, which includes healing ideas such as photography and journaling, in our extensive long term resources section.

Have an idea not listed?  Use our feedback form and we’ll add it.

Farewell Celebrations/links to keepsakes, jewelry and more

Birth & Bereavement Activism 

Love Letters

Painting/Crafting with your Breastmilk

Substituting ashes or dust in a personalized way

Journaling and Blogging

Teeny Tears has tiny diaper patterns

Milkweed Babies

Crochet Mini Booties

Crochet Tiny Dress More Crochet Ideas

Baby Food Jar Crafts (see snowmen)

Memory Blankets

Memory Boxes

Dream Catchers


Special ways of using your photos including a photo reel, which may be special to siblings

Micro-Preemie Clothing Patterns






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