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It is possible, that an organization or individual once affiliated with stillbirthday may have a change of course.  And that’s OK.  But ensuring that they move forward based on their own merit and not by the unwitting assumption of their affiliation with stillbirthday is important, because we have the highest standards of integrity and care for the families we serve.  Being privy to proprietary information is not the same as being currently affiliated or endorsed by stillbirthday or by CCS LLC of which SBD is a part.


If you have any question or concern about an individual, alias, organization founder, member, employee or subsidiary, please contact the founder of stillbirthday to share your feedback or question of their current affiliation with stillbirthday in accordance to their compliance of our Principles of Service.


We have such a vast and growing team of individuals and organizations aligning with our high standards of support, but it is an honor and a privilege to endorse each individual’s unique dedication and service.  If you are a representative of an organization seeking an academic or employment reference for an SBD team member (including an SBD doula), please connect with Heidi Faith, stillbirthday founder, for a letter of endorsement.


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