Holding Umbrellas

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Parenting living children while also grieving, is hard work.  Here is a list of supportive resources to help.



  • You can share here.  You can share, the birth story of your baby who is not alive, the birth story of your baby who is alive, Love Letters, Still Parenting journals and just, glimpses of your journey here.  Just use our sharing tab.  And, you can read what others have shared here, too.


We at stillbirthday desire you to have realistic expectations about yourself, and about your journey.  Reasonable expectations about:

  • the painful aspects of your grief
  • the duration of your grief
  • how postpartum “new motherhood” hormones and grief can intensify difficult feelings
  • how rearing living children impacts grief
  • how grief impacts rearing living children
  • your irrefutable, intrinsic worthiness as a parent

Sometimes exploring these things authentically requires a little help.  That’s what this collection of thoughts and resources are for.

Grief support & Postpartum Wellness support

  1. Conception preparation
  2. Pregnant again after loss
  3. Birth planning again after loss
  4. Remember that you may need bereavement-specific support, as well as postpartum and new motherhood support, including keeping an eye out for challenges such as postpartum depression.

More Resources:

This video was put together by caring mothers after the tragic deaths of baby Nicolas, Anna, and their mother Lisa, who is believed to have suffered with untreated postpartum mental unwellness.


Domestic Violence increases in pregnancy, leading to infant & maternal death.     [Path to Safety]      [Learn More]      [Quickly Exit to a Weather Channel]