Immediate Decisions Book

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These little booklets, about 200 pages, contain the most frequently visited pages of stillbirthday:


  • **Types of Loss (“what’s happening” and how it’s explained compassionately)
  • **Birth Methods (“what my provider told me we need to do” and how it’s explained personally)
  • **Birth Plans (“how can I still have options from within the birth method my provider and I think is best?”) I’m planning on having a stack of them outside of The M0M Center for parents to pick up immediately if they’re experiencing an impending loss, but it might be something for ultrasound technicians, emergency rooms, maternity units or crisis pregnancy centers to have on hand.
  • Includes commentary and helpful healing activity and quotes pages.


We also have helpful hospital brochures
you can print and freely distribute from this page about our doulas.


Right now the Immediate Decisions books are available in English, Spanish and German versions, and include shipping.


order here





If you need immediate support, please do not wait for the book.  Please visit the resources throughout stillbirthday for support prior to, during and after birth in any trimester.  We don’t offer tracking for international orders to keep a realistic cost for you.  Shipping times vary.

Please note that the versions translated from English may contain translation errors.


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