Love Offering

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The Love Offering program is specifically designed to help support families enduring loss, by providing certain families with a Love Offering – a small, financial gift.

Families enduring loss face sudden, enormous costs.  From time off of work, medical bills and farewell arrangements, families can quickly spend well over $2,000 after a miscarriage or stillbirth.

While there are other opportunities to support stillbirthday financially, the Love Offering program is specifically designated for families who have been supported by a trained SBD doula during their miscarriage or stillbirth experience.

If you would like to ensure families receive financial support through stillbirthday, please make a contribution to Christian Childbirth Services LLC.  Stillbirthday is not a 501(c)3 so your contribution should be considered a Love Offering.

Stillbirthday stands with you in this important decision to provide financial support to families enduring loss.  A 10% tithe of every SBD student registration is given to the Love Offering fund.

For Families

The Love Offering program provides families with a small amount of financial support.  To be eligible for this Love Offering, you need to have utilized a professionally trained SBD doula during the course of your birth experience, whether it was an unexpected miscarriage, unexpected stillbirth, carrying to term, or a planned live birth that resulted in an unexpected stillbirth.  Your SBD doula will need to submit a letter to stillbirthday confirming her attendance during some part of your birth experience.  You must apply for this program within 2 weeks of the birth of your baby.  A total sum of $50.00 USD, if available at the time of your application, will either be transferred from our PayPal account to yours, or it will be used to purchase directly items that you specify in your application form.  We at stillbirthday want to emphasize the reality that you are not alone.  However, because you are not alone, many other families are applying for a Love Offering, and so the amount is not to exceed $50.00 USD, and it is unfortunately likely that there may not be funds at the time of your application.  Neither stillbirthday nor this program are affiliated with issues of liability in your birth experience, this is simply a gift program (for questions regarding this, please see our disclaimer at the bottom of the page).  An email notification will confirm if you will receive a Love Offering.  Please also apply for financial support from the organizations listed in our Funeral Information.


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