Love Steps Forward

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Our doulas step forward to bring love
to those who need it.  Will you?


Love Steps Forward is a stillbirthday-wide program to support your local stillbirthday doula, so that your local stillbirthday doula can then be financially capable to support your community in the ways that he or she is trained and certified to do.

You might see it called Love Steps Forward, or Love Stamps, or Love Imprints – whichever works best for the stillbirthday doula, really is fine, but the purpose of the program is universal – to create opportunities for you to give – to give to your stillbirthday doula, and by so doing, giving to your community.


{ Visit our stillbirthday doula network to see the doulas offering this opportunity. }


How It Works:

  • You visit your local stillbirthday certified doula’s independent website.  This is about your community, and your doula will receive your gift for your community.

  • Purchase Love Stamps from their website, in any increment you desire, beginning at the $5 level.  Change this quantity to match the gift you want to give.

  • Each $5 you give, merits a Love Stamps paper.  Onto your Love Stamps paper you can then write a note for a mom in need from within your community to receive.  Your note can be a message of encouragement and support for her.  This part – the note writing part – is optional but makes it so special.

  • Your stillbirthday certified doula will utilize social media, her blog, and the stillbirthday Instagram page as ways of promoting your gift (or by announcing that the gift is anonymous).

  • When a mom is interested in receiving the services of her stillbirthday doula, she can then grab the Love Stamps that are available, redeem them like cash toward her purchase of services, as well as keep the Love Stamps papers as a tangible keepsake of written encouragement.


There are two ways you can write a note onto your Love Stamps once you’ve purchased them: receive the download from the stillbirthday doula, print it, write your message, and scan it back in or hand deliver it to your stillbirthday doula, or, you can use the feedback form option that the stillbirthday doula will provide on her website after you complete the purchase (it may be that the two of you will dialogue in email after your purchase is completed).

The Love Stamps / Love Steps Forward / Love Imprints program began at The M0M Center, which is stillbirthday headquarters and is an actual location that provides birth services, bereavement services and a boutique to the greater Kansas City area.

SBD Doulas: This is a fun way to raise awareness, resources and support.  To participate in the Love Steps Forward program, you must become a publicly verifiable SBD doula and comply with the guidelines we’ve written on our Stillbirthday Global Network page.

See one of our stillbirthday doulas utilizing Love Steps Forward on her website – Sarah DiMarco Doula Services!







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