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Current News





  • April 19, 2011 – Heidi Faith, stillbirthday founder, gave birth in the first trimester.
  • August 1, 2011 – Stillbirthday launched on free platform
  • August 8, 2011 – Doulas represented from every US state.
  • September 2011 – SBD U Birth & Bereavement Doula Training beginning to be established by an amazing team of contributors.
  • October 2011 – I began receiving invitations for speaking engagements.


  • Ronald Reagan Library issues exclusive sealed documents from the presidential collection, relating to Proclamation 5890, to stillbirthday.
  • Stillbirthday receives exclusive permission from the designer of Universal Breastfeeding Symbol to alter image to represent bereaved mothers.
  • Dr. Laura Shlessenger gifts stillbirthday a beautiful custom made jewelry set for our Grief Dare / Invisible Pregnancy.
  • Dr. Alan Wolfelt includes stillbirthday in his book “Healing Your Grieving Heart after Stillbirth”.


  • Polly Perez presents to CAPPA conference about the importance of pregnancy and infant loss support.  She speaks about stillbirthday.
  • Hot air balloon ride and hearts release.
  • International speaking.


  • Opening of The M0M Center, stillbirthday headquarters, on International Bereaved Mothers day.
  • Credited in two global films – Return to Zero, an Emmy nominated film based on pregnancy and infant loss, and MicroBirth, a feature length film on epigenetics and childbirth.
  • Love Wildly becomes a stillbirthday recognized event for healing.



  • Expansion and new location of The M0M Center, stillbirthday headquarters
  • Return to Zero adds a page to their website written by Heidi Faith, stillbirthday founder
  • Love Wildly goes to Germany

Handbook for Doula Training



About the Cover:

  • Properly sized baby blankets and hats, designed by Miscarriage Blankets & More.
  • Hand crafted babies of multiple gestational ages, by My Tangible Peace.
  • Sized 20 gestational weeks booties, made by a beautiful mother in France.
  • Both photos courtesy of {born} photography from our first international professionals workshop.


Capital Flag



Connections Created Through Time

Some of the SBD Friends

  • Sufficient Grace Ministries
  • Miscarriage Blankets and More
  • La Mare’maille
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby





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