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For Mothers & Families

  • SBD can help you understand medical information in compassionate language
  • SBD birth plans are documented options that you might choose from
  • Your SBD doula becomes a member of your care team who helps to maintain a respectful and thoughtful environment for you to experience birth, including labor, and including meeting your baby.  In very practical terms, your doula generally offers uninterrupted physical and emotional support to you, an affirming presence for your spouse; your doula serves to remind you, step by step, the options you may have, as they pertain to birth, to bereavement, or both, and helping ensure that your birth experience is held with respect, love and honor.


For Providers

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Stillbirthday has created the Birth & Bereavement Doula® certification program.

SBD Doulas® can enter into the birth space through a number of ways:

  • Loved ones may introduce or connect the doula to the family, or
  • Hospital staff may present the idea to the family.  When this is the case, utilization of our Documentation Package is appropriate.



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