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Because our sponsorship list is so extensive, we annually move the archived list here so that it’s a holding place but that the current year’s applicants, which can tend to be more relevant in the link sharing and awareness, can also be more immediately visible.  This list here is still the list that is referred to first when we receive an anonymous or overage sponsorship, because this list is still an active list.



Katie NHi, I’m Katie and I am dreaming of becoming a doula. I am 23 and a mother to one son and hopefully another baby soon. I really feel that with being a doula I could help a lot more women achieve the birth they want. I didn’t get to experience that with my son and I don’t want any other women to feel robbed of what they want at their birth due to doctors and nurses trying to persuade them. I hope to raise my son and future children to believe that birth is a natural things that women are made to do and keep passing my knowledge on well after I’m gone. Thank you. {since 07.21.13}

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Megan HI am a stay at home mom of 4 wonderful boys! I have had 5 pregnancies with 4 successful births. I had a child at the young age of 20 which put a stop to my nursing school. I didn’t have the time to ever return with the busy life I had and then more children came around! I have a desire and passion to become a doula for local Mommas in my area. Since I don’t work my income is very limited and would love to be considered for a scholarship so I can complete the program. {since 07.21.13}

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Jessica P I am a mother of two precious babies. I have 1 angel baby and 1 handsome little boy. I am and have always been so passionate about birth. I am fascinated by how strong our bodies are and how amazingly beautiful pregnancy and birth is. I would love nothing more than to be a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, and a coach to guide women through this incredible experience.  {since 07.21.13}

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DanaI’m VERY interested in becoming a doula; it’s been something that has been on my heart for awhile now. I’ve been waiting for the funds to do so, as my husband is also a full time student and money is tight. I have been married to my best friend for nearly 12 years, and we have three beautiful children. We have gone through one miscarriage and two babies in the NICU, and I believe that knowing how to support a family during/after a loss is extremely important. It’s easy to be there for them when things are going as planned, but to know what do to when the worst happens means SO much to one who’s grieving. I wish everyone in the medical field would do this! Thank you so much for your consideration!  {since 07.21.13}

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Nicole F – I’m 24 years old and currently reside in Michigan. I’m finishing up my Master’s degree in Social Work and currently work in a school setting with children who have developmental disorders. Being trained as a social worker, I feel that becoming a doula (and hopefully one day, midwife) would be a natural choice for me. I would like to provide love, support, and care for women, and their families, who need and deserve it at such an important and precious time in their lives. I am getting married to the love of my life, who is an active duty Airman, and currently stationed in Florida. Knowing that so many women out there will have no support through the joyful or painful experiences of birth, I knew I wanted to do something to help. I feel that becoming a Doula would help me to not only help other wives and significant others in the military, but help to create a forum to help others nation (and maybe world!) wide. {since 07.22.13}

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Jessica II am mother to two living beautiful boys and roughly five who never got their chance here with me. The journey to have my second living son was my hardest yet. I had lost several pregnancies before him and just knew when I found out about him that he would “stick”. At around eleven weeks I was told I was losing him and to go home and “put your feet up”. I left the hospital with never hearing a single sympathetic apology, instead it felt that all eyes were just watching me. My husband held me as I cried that night. I went on to carry a healthy boy, but that experience showed me what it means to have someone there, someone who loves you and cares about you. When my newest son was just a couple of months young we suffered another loss. This time the life of our beautiful nephew, he was but a few months old as well and it was far too soon. I have known that my heart lies in birthwork for ages, and now I hope to continue my education so I can reach out to the ones who are often overlooked. The ones that need someone. The ones that are just as terrified as I was in the beginning and have been many times before that. I want to help, to support, to educate. And I need this to get there. {since 07.23.13}

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VeronicaI’m 25 and I’m married to an amazing man. We’ve been together nearly ten years…  I’d really like to become a doula to help others through this emotional experience. And becoming a doula is something I’ve thought about for a long time, as I think it’d be a great and fruitful experience. {since 07.24.13}

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Saundra I am a mother to four babies. Two in heaven. Two living. Sadly because of a mixture of confidence, fear, and lack of support, most don’t know about the pregnancies I lost. I suffered and grieved alone and I know that is something no mother should ever go through. After birthing my amazing rainbow babies, I made the decision to become a doula who will offer love and support to any mother in any situation. Something I strongly wish I had all those years ago. {since 08.03.13}

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Stacey PI have experienced a few losses so I definitely know how it feels. My first pregnancy was a twin pregnancy. I delivered boys at 24 weeks on April 15,2001, One of my sons passed away due to anencephaly and my other son was in the NICU for four months…he is 12 years old today. My second pregnancy was another twin pregnancy and when I went in for my first ultrasound (January 2002-I was 10 weeks) neither of my babies had a heart beat. My last pregnancy was a singleton. I delivered my daughter on May 26, 2011 at 23 weeks. She sadly passed away three weeks after she was born. {since 08.06.13}

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Allison HI am currently a birth doula and have not yet had the experience of helping a family deal with a pregnancy loss. I want to be able to truly be there for the families I work with, but I feel that not having any personal or professional experience limits what I can do for them. It would be an amazing honor and opportunity to learn from your doula class, and prepare me to be the best doula I can be so I can better serve the families in my community. To understand the emotions, practical procedures, and everything else that is affected by a stillbirth, would be invaluable. Thank you so much! {since 08.07.13}

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Kristi H – I am the mother of 3 beautiful children. I have a son and a daughter who walk this earth and a daughter who flies free. My 2nd child and my 1st daughter was stillborn on November 7, 1991. I felt so alone. I didn’t know what my options were and felt cheated out of the most basic of mother/child bonding moments. I did insist on holding her. I had a wonderful nurse who had only ever assisted with a stillbirth one other time. She was wonderful but inexperienced. I would love the opportunity to be an educated and compassionate support for a family going through this nightmare. To be their and their child’s advocate every step of the way. I have ran online support groups for most of the last 16 years. I currently run one on facebook. I want to be able to provide the support that I so desperately needed but had to do without. I want to help others honor their child and I want to do it in memory and honor of my daughter, Andrea Ranay Odom. Her death was a nightmare but her life has been one of my greatest blessings. {since 09.01.13}

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Megan MBeing a doula is in my blood. I have worked with children and families for over a decade, provided postpartum support to friends and family, and more recently became trained through DONA as a postpartum doula. In attempts to give my wonderful daughter a sibling, I have jumped through the flaming hoops of intense research, fertility treatments, a gestational early miscarriage, and stillbirth at 21 weeks. We lost our son over a month ago, but the daily struggles of grief are still a punch in the gut. Through creating an online journal describing my struggles, I’ve mustered the motivation to recycle this plethora of feelings and energy into altruism. My experiences have molded a career path to be a loss doula. I know I can be an asset to this community with the necessary training through I look forward to being a practical and sensitive guide to womankind and her family in times of great sorrow and great joy. Although this blog is unrelated to my professional life, it is a window into my journey with grieving the loss of Noah. Please visit or email questions to gain insight into this life as I know it. {since 09.03.13}

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Claire SI am a trained, certified doula through DONA International. I am a mother of two beautiful children. I am a woman who suffered and grieved the loss of a child at 12 weeks. When I became pregnant again it took a long time to process that fact. I work with women who have suffered multiple miscarriages and in some cases a stillbirth. My own personal experience helps in communicating and empathizing, but having a focused training as SBD offers would help significantly. {since 09.10.13}

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Cheryl S R – I am honored to be the mother of 12 children, but sad that only 4 can call me mom. Our first daughter, Chelsea-Danielle Kathleen, is 28 and a true eldest child, responsible, fearless, passionate and inspiring. Next is our two boys, Brady–Kahil Liam, 26 and Brodie-Joshua Kylie, 24. Both are energetic, adventure seekers, loyal and working hard to make their dreams a reality. Chynna-Jade Lyric is 20 and although she is often considered “the baby” of the family, she is the most mature of everyone. She is a gifted writer, creative, funny and reliable. In our eyes, she is not “the baby” as 8 more babies were born after her. Our son, Bretton-Elijah Lucas was unexpectedly stillborn when we were 6.5 months pregnant. His arrival altered our lives in ways we could never have imagined. Two years later, Ciara-Rose Kennedi, our third daughter, was also born sleeping just a few weeks younger than her older brother. We couldn’t believe this would happen again and began to question what we had done wrong to deserve such agonizing pain. Since then, we’ve endured 6 early losses. Our sweet, tiny babies, born too soon but loved forever. After Bretton was born, we decided that we needed to help other families as others had reached out to us. We created a baby loss support program and for the last 16 years, families have come to our centre to receive support that is critical to their well being and natural healing. We have expanded to include education and support for their siblings and other family members. Whole family centered care that inspires creativity and a healthy healing journey. I would like to take the training so that I can expand the services we offer to include doula support to those families who deserve this special kind of support. We cannot bring back these precious babies but we can help the hurt be less painful. I’d like to extend my gratitude to all those sponsors who are actively helping students receive funds to educate new doulas.  {since 09.20.13}

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Caroline RI am a prospective doula student and mother of 2 daughters. My eldest was a preemie twin and her brother/my son Brendan Padrig died at 20 weeks. I am also the mom to D. Jakob stillborn 1/12/99 because of placental infarction. However, after 13 pregnancies I was blessed with 2 daughters 20 and 12. After all these years, I have finally come to the moment in my life where I’m able to give hope to someone else. I would like to give someone else what wasn’t given to me, and that is appropriate support. {since 10.07.13}

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Kristina SJuly 26, 2013, with my husband and doula by my side, I unknowingly gave birth to my daughter who was already gone. Due to a complete concealed placental abruption, my labor was quick and she was born naturaly within a matter a moments. My doula, and friend, was able to give us gentle suggestions on things we could do with our daughter. Through her guidance, we were able to fulfill our birth plan. My husband and I bathed our daughter, dressed her, and spent two hours before letting her go to her forever nursery. It was the most beautiful birth I’ve experienced, and the most life changing. My goal is to become a full service Doula and support system for mothers who are birthing children, at any stage, for any reason. Thanks for your consideration. {since 10.12.13}

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Nicole AI am a baby loss mom to twins. I have spent 3 years reading on everything from how to get pregnant, during, births and right after. I have read statistics, outcomes, and hindsight information. I would like to become a stillbirth doula to offer a mother the support my family was lacking due to lack of knowledge themselves. This is my passion with all my heart. {since 10.22.13}

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Myrium B.I am the mother to a wonderful 13 month old boy, who is my first rainbow baby, as well as the mother to a beautiful girl who was born still at 38 weeks back in March of 2011. Since then I have had three miscarriages and am all too familiar with the loss of a pregnancy and children. I have, however, taken my collective experiences and have begun my own mother centered business in Asheville where I am from. I have a passion and love for all things preconception to postpartum and I am hoping to embrace all parts of pregnancy and birth through my work, including the grittier darker places many people do not want to touch on. I want to be able to support mothers no matter how long their pregnancy and no matter what the outcome. I believe it is all important and needs to be honored. Our children are our children no matter how small or how long they were with us in physical form, and they will always remain in our hearts. {since 10.25.13}

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Stephanie RHi my name is Stephanie, I am 27 years old, married to a wonderful man for over a year and been together 4years. I have 2 boys ages 7 & 3, I also have 2 angel babies. I lost my first angel march 22 2013 @ 8 weeks, my due date was for october 14th 2013,and my second angel at 10 weeks 4 days on July 29 2013 and my due date was February 17th 2014. My pregnancies with both of my boys were normal with no problems after having my second son I got put on the birth control implanon had that in for 2 1/2 years then had it taken out that’s when I got pregnant with my first angel baby, which did not form correctly, my second angel baby we got to see and hear the heartbeat and we had hope for having a healthy pregnancy , but things changed I stopped having pregnancy symptoms, just felt different. When we went to the Dr the next month that’s when we learned the baby’s heart stopped. I went through a great depression after that, until I came across still birthday on Facebook, I read through the site and that’s when I decided I would become a doula and help women that has dealt with child/infant loss and help through their pregnancies. I am praying that I get this opportunity to help women through pregnancy and loss, which is the worst experience any woman could go through. {since 10.25.13}

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Lindsey FI am a married mother of one son who was welcomed into this world one day before his due date as an angel, as well as 3 previous miscarriages. I feel helping other mothers is my true calling, whether it’s with a loss or rainbow birth. {since 10.31.13}

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Ashleigh SI am 24 years old and have a young son. My fiance and I live with my mom and grandma while my fiance attends college.Eight years ago, I helped my mom after her emergency c-section. This set me on the path to become a doula. After the birth of my son, I researched labour and post partum practices in Canada. This also made me want to consider being a doula. I went for it and have slowly financed my education as a birth and postpartum doula. Sadly, I had a miscarriage at six weeks. Without the support of my friends and family, I would have a very hard time expressing and validating my feelings.This brings me to the reason why I want to learn from Still Birthday. I want to help women on their own healing journey, many of whom do not have the proper support. {since 10.31.13}

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MireilleOur beautiful Vivien was born still at 41 weeks 2 days on June 23rd 2013. My experience has led me to become a postpartum doula. I recently completed my training at the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Professions and I am working towards my DONA certification. I found myself supported beyond my wildest dreams by friends, family, neighbors, doctors, counselors and other Babyloss Parents. But what if they hadn’t been there? More than anything I have found that having someone to JUST SIT with me was what I wanted. Someone to hear my birth story. Someone to look at my photos. I needed support as my milk came in, as I dealt with healing of my c-section, as I took care of my 2 year old son, as I struggled with the same postpartum issues that mothers of live babies go through, only compounded by trauma and loss. As supported as I was, I do believe it would have been helpful to have one go-to person to support me and guide me in my search for resources- cremation and/or burial, counseling, support groups, meal calendars, memorial planning etc. I want to fill the gap in care that yawns wide after the loss of a baby- with non judgmental listening, in-home support, education and resources for bereaved families. {since 10.31.13}

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Nicole K I recently became interested in certifying as a birth doula to help women have the birth that they want as well as to heal from the one that I was unable to achieve. Through my doula-to-doula support groups I’ve just recently learned that there is such a thing as a grief doula. As a mother without her baby, it would make a world of difference to me to be able to certify as a SBD and help other women who are right where I used to be. I want them to know that there is light on the other side. There is always a way to use this for good rather than only for misery. Being a doula is my calling. I am simply not fortunate enough to have the income to afford this training. {since 11.04.13}

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Krystal D My name is Krystal. I lost my first baby at 38 weeks at the age of 17 in 2002. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with but with the loving support of my family I made it through as a stronger person. I would like to take the doula training so that I can be able to help other families in their time of loss. I know how hard it was for me when i was expecting my rainbow. The worries and what ifs were extremely hard to deal with. My OB/GYN was te absolite beat and withoit her things would have been so much worse. I am currentlu a certified CNA and would love to add this class to my credentials. Thank you! {since 11.07.13}

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Jennifer WHello! My name is Jen and I have been a birth photographer for about 4 years. Because of my passion for birth, I attended my DONA workshop in June of 2013 in Phoenix, AZ. A very short time later, my family and I had a quick move to Baton Rouge, LA. While my ability to take on clients has slowed due to our move, I still want to work towards being the best doula (and photographer) to my clients that I can be. I want to have the best knowledge I possibly can for not only clients, but for myself. I haven’t had to deal with much of any kind of loss in my lifetime and that, unfortunately, is not good in this profession. I will, at some point, need to help a client, doula or photography, through a tough time and I want to be able to say that I did the best I could for them. Thanks so much for your consideration, Jen {since 12.10.13}

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Mollie R Hi I’m 29 a mommy of 3 my oldest Chyenee was born sleeping on 10-27-08 at 28 1/2 weeks that was the most hardest day of my life and at the hospital I was in their was little support from the hospital … So I knew after I lost her I need and wanted to help other family so I found this program and I felt like this is what God wanted me to do and I love working with people thank you for sponsoring me God bless ! {since 12.12.13}

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Crystal SMy name is Crystal and I have been blessed with 2 precious baby boys. Dryden who is 2.5 & Phoenix who is 3 Months. I am also the Mother of one Angel who I miscarried in 2010. I have a true passion for pregnancy, birth & Motherhood. I have found my purpose in life & feel with my experience in these 3 areas I will beable to provide advice, information, emotional support & physical comfort to a Mother in need. {since 12.12.13}

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Lindsay GAs a bereaved parent myself I really want to help other women through the grief. I also used a Doula for my rainbow baby and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Hopefully bereavement will not be the norm, but it’s bound to happen and I want to be able to help. {since 12.13.13}

  • $25 – gift

Raya B-GHi my name is Raya! I am a 29 yr. old single mother of 5 and I’ve been working in the field of private child care for over 10 yrs. I work for parents who have children with special needs, special job schedules ie: police , fire, military etc. and parents expecting another child. I always had a passion for the medical field because I have a natural talent for helping people however life circumstances lead me to where I am and I love it, but as Im getting older, the economy is changing, and certain life circumstances I’m looking to combine both my passions, experience and natural talent to create financial stability for my family, help the community, learn New Skills and expand on my small business. I am very dedicated to my mission and my goals to become a Midwife, Doula, Child Birth Educator, Lactation Consultant, Mentor/ Maternity Consierge, and Of Course! … Child care provider. I recently separated from my husband, and am displaced with my children including a 3 mo old. I am unable to work due to lack of child care for my newborn and my 2 yr old. … working for families in my capacity is very time consuming I am usually with each family for a term of 5 yrs. so Im just looking for babysitting gigs to get by and relying on my child support for my kids which is not much I hate that being on a fixed income is the biggest thing preventing me from moving forward … any assistance is appreciated! Thank You in Advance! {since 12.22.13}

  • $25 – gift

BrooklynI am a doula, childbirth educator and mom to 2 boys. This sounds like an amazing opportunity to further my birth education and have the knowledge to support these very special families. I have an incredible passion for birth and a love for educating women about it. I dont have any personal loss like these women but as a doula and friend i hear about it often and Id really like to be prepared in the event that it could happen. This scholarship would be amazing as a work at home mom I can’t afford most training a I’d like to attend. I thank you for even providing this opportunity to apply! {since 12.22.13}

  • $25 – gift

StacyI am a doula that would like to be able to help all mommys. I want to be there for them regardless. I want to be able to know how to take care of a client going through a stillbirth. {since 12.24.13}

  • $25 – gift

Sandy MI am the mother of 4 children, 3 healthy little boys, and one child taken to early. I suffered a near second trimester loss and was forever changed. I now seek to help others who are going through what I suffered through. I did it alone, I want the training and guidance so I can help other women in the same situation so they don’t have to do it alone, too. My husband was a huge support, but there was something missing, the hole that only a person who has personally been there could fill. I hope to help others by taking this course, and also help myself heal, for we all could use extra healing. {since 12.26.13}

  • $25 – gift

Kristine VI am a mother of 2 sons. One living one in heaven. I was 31 weeks pregnant and everything was normal at my check up. With in 36 hours I felt something was wrong. Went to the doctor to find out my son Maxwell had gone to heaven from a cord incident. I was alone and scared. There was no one around me who had gone through this tragedy. Everyone says I’m here if you need me, but in the same breath no one close to me has been in my shoes. I had to seek counseling, I would like to be someone who anyone could call or talk to who can relate to what they are going through. Not just someone who says I’m here for you. Someone to be able to hold their hand as they grieve. {since 12.28.13}

  • $25 – gift

Marsha Hello. I am Marsha Leonard. I am very interested in being able to help Mothers who are or have experienced a loss. I would love the opportunely to receive the training needed to really be able to help them. I would also offer my services to these Mothers free of charge. Going through a loss is such a hard time and having a trained support person to see you through it is such a blessing. {since 12.28.13}

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Kali  I am working towards getting my Doula certification. I am still in school with doula classes and yoga. I am not a mother but am passionate about helping women and families along their paths with becoming a mother. I would very much also like to be able to support these families and mothers with pregnancy loss. It seems to me that women would need just as much if not more support at this time then they do when having a healthy baby. I feel this training is my next step on building my practices to being able to support women and families to the fullest. Thanks for your consideration of me for this sponsorship. {since 01.04.14}

  • $25 – gift

Lina – Although I have not personally experienced a loss, since becoming a mother, I have stood by numerous friends who have lost babies to early miscarriage and most recently, to Trisomy 18 at birth. My passion for serving mothers during birth, breastfeeding and in the postpartum period led to my pursuit of a doula certification. Both before and since becoming a doula, I have struggled to “do something” for my friends experiencing the heartbreak of their own “still birth days,” to know how to offer support and presence for them and their families. After my husband completed a church sponsored general bereavement training, I began trying to incorporate what I could from his experiences into the situations of loss and childbirth that I encountered. When I discovered the Still Birthday Doula program, I knew that I needed to complete this training so that I could better serve all mothers, at all stages of their motherhood, no matter the circumstances. However, life circumstances have continued to place the fees required for the program just out of reach. After leaving active duty military service this spring, we relocated across country so that my husband could attend graduate school full time. Relocation has also affected my doula income as I start to rebuild a client base in a new place.  {since 01.11.14}

  • $25 – gift

Skye  – I am 31 years old, married to the love of my life, and have a sweet 16 month-old little girl. In November 2013 I lost her little brother (we believe) to miscarriage at 12 weeks. I have had a strong desire to become a doula since I very first learned what a doula was, for I love everything about birth. Now, as a bereaved parent, that desire, the desire to help other women, other families, is overwhelming. I had the best experience that one could possibly have in my medical care during this situation but I know that this is not the case for every woman/family that experiences loss. I want to be the advocate, friend, confidante, sister, and biggest fan to moms and their families regardless of whether their birth is continuing/ending is joy or in sadness. I want to love them through their elation and their deepest pain. I want to advocate for women to receive not only the care, but the respect that they deserve and desire. I want to help women be informed of all of their choices. And above all else, I want to instill hope. As a Christian I know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that there is hope for our lives beyond these situations. There is hope and there is healing. And there is grace. I want to share these things with other mothers in my area who would otherwise never have access to doula care. {since 01.12.14}

  • $25 – gift

Megan C. – Having been pregnant 3 times, with my first ending in miscarriage, I know some of the heartache that goes with loss. I think having someone there to negotiate the waters of loss would have been monumental in helping me grieve, and accept my loss– and i would love to help any others going through losses of their own. I have been called to birth work and I would love to have the knowledge to help any mother and their partner with any potential birth outcomes. {since 01.13.14}

  • $25 – gift

Brittany C. – My name is Brittany, very interested in starting classes. I love having the education to help people. I am currently a state tested nurses aide, medical assistant, prusuing my RN. Being a doula would be awesome title to carry. I feel that it would be an amazing opportunity to be a support system for expecting parents with the known and the unknowing about child birth before and after. {since 02.14.14}

  • $25 – gift

Rebecca T. I am a wife and mother to 3 children–2 who live with us here on earth, and one who we will join in Heaven someday. We lost our son Noah to SIDS in 2008 and I have spent the past 5 years collecting resources and trying to find and connect with people who “get it”. I truly have a heart for families in similar situations and would love to minister to them in any way I am able. I wish that we had been connected with someone, anyone, who could have walked with us through the dark valley we were going through. I want to be that someone for others. I have worked in the medical field for 14 years, and feel that my training and life experiences have prepared me “for such a time as this”. {since 02.17.14}

  • $25 – gift

Laura P.My name is Laura and I am a doula and child carer in the UK. I would love to become a SBD to allow me to better support families in difficult situations. I believe that there is not currently that much support out there for families experiencing loss and I would like to be able to make a real difference. I hope to in the future to become a full spectrum doula, as I believe this is something that is really missing. I believe this course will provide me with invaluable knowledge and experience to allow me to be a better practitioner. {since 02.19.14}

  • $25 – gift

Rebecca L.I am a mom of two angels and one earth bound child. I lost my first son to still birth in 1983. Back then you were told to go home and forget you had a child. You were also keep on the same floor and in the same room with mom’s who had healthy live babies. Then in 2004 God granted me the privilege of giving birth and keeping my second son. Then in 2011 the child I was adopting was born to early and passed to heaven 4 day after she was born. I want to do this training to help others that are going through losses and healthy births. {since 03.01.14}

  • $25 – gift

MariaI feel that God has put me on this earth to help other parents going through the pain i also went through. God blessed me with an angel and i want the world to know this, and to know they are not alone. Received my one and only blessing on 11/27/2013. {since 03.01.14}

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Amanda F.Hi, when i was 20 i got pregnant and didn’t find out until I was losing my baby that I named Emmett. At the time that this happened I had no support or help any where near me. I wasn’t the honor to help other bereaved parents that live near me. No one should be alone during this time and with proper training I can be some support. Thank you for considering me add a sponsor. {since 03.01.14}

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Brittany O.I am a mother of one little boy, and the mother of a child in heaven. I am 24, and have always had a passion for helping others, while furthering my knowledge as well as anyone else. I was studying to receive my Bachelor’s in Applied Science, major in psychology with a concentration in child advocacy, and while with life moving faster than I wanted I needed to take a term or two away from my university. Then, a friend I met through social media had talked about this SBD University and how she was getting her Doula Training and Certification, and she talked to me about it and what is deals with and I scrolled through the site and was like this is awesome! I can help someone, teach myself, and teach others. It’s taken me awhile to admit the fact that I have lost a child and publicly at that, but seeing my friend lose her little girl, and seeing my cousin deliver at 27 weeks, it broke my heart and I just want to do something more, for not only myself and family, but for my community and the well being of others. Everyone needs a helping hand every so often, I hope that someday I can be that for someone else. {since 03.04.14}

  • $25 – Aaron Jeffries
  • $25 – gift

Tanya R.I am a mother to seven, but only two are with me. We lost our second, our first son, to SIDS shortly before he turned 7 months old. Since then, we lost two, had one rainbow, and have lost two more to miscarriage. I would love to help others in their time of grief, especially to know their rights and choices during the difficult time of birth and the hospital stay. I currently donate hats to bereaved mothers and I make Teeny Tears diapers for my local hospital’s bereavement program. {since 03.04.14}

  • $25 – gift

Heather D.I am a mother of three I have one stepson, one sunshine baby and one rainbow baby, My two daugthers, on was in 2005 and the other was in 2010, I am a nursing assistant and I love my job, I really want to be able to help other mothers out just like the groups I am a part of, because if if was not for the groups I am in I would have opened up about my daugthers or meet any of the wonderful people I have. {since 03.06.14}

  • $25 – gift

Jessica S.I am the mother to three girls, two here on earth and one born into heaven. Abigail was born still at 30 weeks gestation in 2012 and is unexplained. I was blessed to get pregnant again and have my third little girl just 3 months ago. I have navigated not only death but also pregnancy after loss. I was frightened and apprehensive the whole time while also trying to be excited. My stillbirth experience was surrounded by many supportive people who did not know how to navigate this journey any better then I did. As helpful as they tried to be they did not know what I was and still am going through. I had some great nurses who helped us as best as they could. I would like to be there for other women going through this and their families. I want to be prepared to help them both emotional and factually. I had many questions of; “what happens next”, and I know it may be different for everyone but I want to help answer that questions for other people. I have experienced a “normal” pregnancy before loss and all the nieve bliss that accompanies it. I have experienced loss, and I have experienced pregnancy afterl loss. No matter what kind of birth a person is going through I want to be a helping hand in the wonderful journey and the joy or grief that accompanies it. My faith is what is getting me through my journey everyday and it is what drives me to be there for others. I still ask what happens next…… my next step is helping others. {since 03.09.14}

  • $25 – gift

Sarah S. – Following the birth of my first child I became more aware and interested in pregnancy, birth and in supporting other women. My dream has been fulfilled, having served 3 families as a birth doula, while they happily welcomed 4 children into the world. I know that things don’t always end this way. I hope for this training to make me better able to serve families experiencing any pregnancy outcome, including loss. I am the mother of 5 live children, 4 of which were born prematurely following infertility, high risk pregnancies, and early pregnancy loss. {since 03.14.14}

  • $25 – gift

Jenne F.I found this program, perhaps by accident, perhaps through divine intervention. Having lost children, I know first hand the pain that comes with it. I felt unloved and unsupported through my ordeal, and hold in my soul the desire to help others deal with a similar situation so they know in their hearts that they are not alone. {since 03.18.14}

  • $25 – gift

Daryl – I have two daughters, one is here with me, her name is Lianna. The other is a little Angel who watches over us everyday, her name is Skye. Becoming a Doula is a goal I’d like to reach this year as where I am from, they aren’t given much recognition. When my first daughter was born at 24 weeks, I had no support, other than that of my Partner and his Mother, who like me, had no idea what to expect or what this journey was going to bring for us. My daughter was rushed away and the last time I seen her in the hospital she had been placed in a shoe box. I’d like be the person who is able to provide care and support to women who like me, have loved and lost a baby, at any point in their pregnancy or even after. But I’d also like to be there for the first time mother, or the mother who would just like someone else to lean on, someone else to go that extra mile. As a young mother, I don’t have the best financial situation and my partner and I do the best we can, he does work, but as we all know, the bills need paid. So having some financial support to help me reach my goal would be a gift that words couldn’t begin to thank you for. 🙂 {since 03.24.14}

  • $25 – gift

Phaedra – I am a new doula looking to help grieving parents. I would like to learn the professional way to help a mother cope with the loss of a child. I think is is important for doulas because it is not talked about but its good to bring awareness. {since 03.25.14}

  • $25 – gift

Alyson H. –  am currently a junior at Iowa State University looking to become a midwife. I would like to start getting experience by becoming a doula and hope to spend this coming summer volunteering as a doula. I will be able to gain helpful experience in birthing as well as use my training once I have my midwifery degree with patients who are experiencing a loss. {03.25.14}

  • $25 – gift
  • $50 – Daniel B.

Deirdre P. – During my graduate study in Counseling Psychology, I discovered how little support is often available for families facing pregnancy loss at any stage. I want to be able to provide that support to families through my counseling work. When a dear friend experienced a stillbirth, it only increased my desire to help provide support and care for families who face the painful loss of a child. {since 04.01.14}

  • $25 – gift

Misty M. – I am a 35 year old mother of four from Auburn, WA. I have two living and two who are in the arms of Jesus. I want to help families who are going through what I have experienced. I want to do what I was never able to have and be there from beginning to end. {since 04.03.14}

  • $25 – gift

Traci S. – I am a mother of 4 pre-term babies and 3 angels. I have two degrees in the medical field however, due to a diagnosis (2 1/2 yrs ago) of a rare connective tissue disease and now know was the cause of my pregnancy issues, I am disabled. I have a loving heart and nurturing spirit that I would love to use to help others. I would sincerely appreciate being chosen by a sponsor to be able to pursue this venture I feel God has impressed upon me. Thank you! {since 04.07.14}

  • $25 – gift

Jessica B. – My name is Jessica Butler. I am a bereaved mother to my son Matthew Paul Butler Jr. I was 18 weeks pregnant when my husband and I went for our anatomic scan and gender reveal ultrasound. We then found out that our son no longer had a beating heart. Within hours we were over in Labor and Delivery ward of the hospital being induced for delivery. Our son was born January 25th, 2014 at 2:47am. He died due to cord strangulation. My plans are to become a birthing doula, but also focus on the bereavement aspect of it and offer my services to bereaved families free of charge so they can have someone by their side during a very difficult time who has been through this before. I know that if I could have had someone by my side that has been through this, I would have really appreciated it. I just want to try and make a difference. {since 04.09.14}

  • $25 – gift

Amy M. – I am a mommy to 2 angel babies, one who I miscarried at 6 weeks gestation, and to my son Elijah who was born still on January 28th, 2014 @ 33w4d. I am also a mommy to my beautiful daughter here on earth who is about to be 3. I can not explain how awful it is to bear this pain everyday of losing my sweet babies, but I do know that I wouldn’t have made it through the days of pain, without the wonderful people that have been there to support me through it all. I hold a special place in my heart for the nurses that were there during the delivery of my son. They didn’t go through what I had, but they had the words of wisdom from their personal experience through their profession of being nurses. They were my greatest support and I thank them dearly. I want to be able to continue that support to those who need it while going through such a heartbreaking time. It is so nice to have a shoulder to lean on when you need it the most. I want so badly to be able to do this, I know how much it meant to me. Thank you for considering me & Thank you Still Birthday for acknowledging our beautiful angel babies <3 {since 04.14.14}

  • $25 – gift

Jillian H. – I am a trained doula and childbirth educator through Birthing From Within and have been working in the birthing world for 5 years. Recently, one of my doula clients lost her baby at 18 weeks and I had the privilege of accompanying her through her beautiful labor/birth as she welcomed her sweet ‘angel boy’ and said good-bye to him the same day. The experience was powerful and gave me the sign I needed to merge two worlds of mine together. Before I was a childbirth doula, I worked for a non-profit hospice training volunteers to sit and be with the dying, to hold the space for them to transition and to help their families understand the dying process. I also facilitated bereavement support groups and led a children’s bereavement camp. I believe my experience in both worlds are very similar-transitioning in and out of life hold the same fears: fear of the unknown, fear of being in pain, and fear of losing control. I would like to further educate myself on how to support and guide mamas and daddies through the loss/celebration/grieving process of their baby and know this program will offer valuable tools to enhance my birth doula and death and dying knowledge. {since 05.15.14}

Kourtney C. – I live in a rural area of Colorado, When I had my son Jace(3/19/14) I realized our community has a huge problem, no support groups for infant loss.I got very little information and was totally unprepared to have a stillborn baby..I want to learn as much as I can for other parents so they can be more prepared.I can never take back those words ” Kourtney I’am sorry theirs no heart beat” by the time the words were spoken I already knew but was praying give me back my baby.I feel like I could really help parents with the information I plan on learning! {since 05.16.14}

Shelby B. – I lost my daughter on April 6th 2013 at 37 weeks due to a umbilical cord accident. I have experienced the worst thing a mother can go through and I would like to support others going through the same tragedy.. {since 05.16.14}

Michele B. – I felt like the world had ended in 1997 when I had a miscarriage at twelve weeks when I had gone to the hospital for spotting , little did I know that in 2003 I was going to go through an even lower valley (not to compare grief) when my son was a full term stillbirth. I tell everyone now that it was the worst best thing that happened to me. During my labor and birth I was surrounded by family and friends and was free to labor as I chose to with my sweet auntie there as my “doula”. She got me up and walked me up and down the hall, was an advocate with the staff, worked with me through the pushing . She gave my son a bath and was with me when the chaplain baptized him. It was an excrutiating yet amazing experience and Ill never forget watching his head as I pushed him out . I want to be able to help other mommies have that kind of experience even in the midst of that heartache. Ill never forget my “Doula” 🙂 {since 05.17.14}

Daizee T. – This course would help me serve Mothers in my community who need the most support and love. Please consider sponsoring me, so I can help those who are suffering this terrible loss. Thank you! {since 05.21.14}

Audra B. – After losing my daughter MiKaylee 2/22/14 from a cord accident, goin thru the labor process for 2 days after being told “this is where the heart is supposed to be. I’m so sorry.” 1 in 4…that’s the statistic. I had no idea. And now it’s all over the news, television, on lifetime. As I struggled thru watching Return to Zero, I had come to realize that I need to stay busy. Move forward. Help others. I have already had a benefit in MiKaylee’s honor on 4/12/14, walked in the march of dimes May 18, 2014; and plan on donating to the smallest gift and the love maya foundation to raise awareness and break the silence. I am looking to also begin a local group for still birth mothers. I have many who are interested. I am committed to helping others cope with grief from the loss of a child and be a part of that moment with them. Also, help with the pregnancy process. It is finally my “hobby” or “passion” to help others who need the assistance. I am looking forward to beginning this journey {since 05.26.14}

Shaya S. – I am an Australian Doula with a heart to see grieving families offered love and support as they face difficult and heartbreaking circumstances. I feel appropriate training to give great care is necessary in being able to support these families to full potential and prepare myself to be able to give 100% to them during this time. I appreciate and thank every person who contributes to my journeywith Still Birth Day! {since 05.27.14}

Brooke D. –  I am a mother who lost her son six hours after birth and while I had family and friends to support me and my husband, it would have been nice to have someone who had experience. I want to take the horrible situation that I went through and turn it into something beautiful and where i am able to help others out there that are going through the same pain {since 05.28.14}

Marsha L. – Hello. I am Marsha. I live in North Carolina and I am a mother of two. I am a doula and I will be offering childbirth education classes soon. I volunteer my services to spouses of deployed military, mothers who are placing their baby for adoption, and for low-income families. I am very interested in learning to help a mother who has experienced a loss. I wish to be better equiped to handle such a situation. Thank you for considering me. {since 05.29.14}

Samantha G. – My name is Samantha Godbolt and I have decided that this is apart of my destiny. I gave birth to a stillborn named Bentley Maness on April 19, 2012. He is the reason I have decided to become a bereavement doula. I would love to help other women and families in these types of situations. It has always been a dream of mine to help people and even though I had no idea that this would be the way that I would be able to fulfill that dream; it is still very much important to me. {since 06.08.14}

Gabriel G. – I am a community doula in a pilot program that serves low-income and generally unsupported (young) mothers. I would like to expand my knowledge to assist those who are suffering a loss or are expecting a child with a short life expectancy. Being able to be a resource to these women is my dream, especially as a pediatric nurse who has suffered a late-term loss herself. Because I offer my doula services for free, my personal funds are limited and I am requesting assistance to participate in the July 2014 class so that I may be a stronger support system to the wonderful women I care for. Thank you. {since 06.08.14}

Angela B. – I am a single mother of 2 who has experienced the joy of birth with great outcomes and the sorrow of loss during pregnancy of 3 children. I currently work as a Medical assistant and have seen the “clinical” side of birth. I want to be able to offer support and care to parents regardless of the outcome. I want to be what I wish I have had both during my positive and negative birth experiences. I have had this calling on my life for some time and now feel as if God is telling me it is time to take that step. {since 06.10.14}

Angela B. – Hi my name is Angela. I am a single mother with 5 children. Three of my children were lost at different stages of my pregnancy, my two children who I am blessed to have with me are teenagers. I currently work as a Medical Assistant but have felt a calling for some time to serve families during any type of birth outcome. I want to become what I wish I have had during all of my outcomes. I have seen how the “clinical” side of birth is and want to be able to provide more care and support to parents. Thank you in advance for your support. {since 06.12.14}

Kristina {Massachusetts} – I am a mom of two girls with a passion to help others. I’ve been looking for the right doula certification course for a couple years now and and really feels right to me. I’m lucky to have my two healthy children but have witnessed the pain of losing a child my friends and family have had to endure. My goal is to be able to help women whose pregnancies end in anyway, whether it be a live birth or a miscarriage, a child in the nicu or adoption. All women deserve the support of a doula. {since 06.30.14}

Sara N. {Pennsylvania} – I am a certified doula and planning to go back to school next year to get my nursing degree. My long term plan is to become a Certified Nurse Midwife. I’m a mother to 3 boys, 1 through adoption and 2 biological. My husband and I suffered through infertility and then 6 miscarriages. I hope to learn more about supporting families through loss as a doula and later a nurse/midwife. {since 07.24.14}

Julie L. {Indiana} – Since the birth of my first child in December 2005, I felt called to pursue doula certification. My interest in childbirth, desire to support women, and gift of encouragement made me a good candidate but there was always the lingering thought of “What if…” April 12, 2014 my own personal “What if…” happened. My fourth child, a daughter, Macy, was stillborn at 38 weeks, 2 days. Immediately, my passion to become a doula was rekindled and this time I knew the “what if…” and who better to love and support a grieving mother than another grieving mother. But I don’t want the support to stop there. I want to equip family and friends with the tools to step into a parent’s grief and journey with them. I feel the first step in being able to help others and the next step in my personal healing journey is to gain my SBD credential. {since 08.05.14}

Denise {Michigan} – Mom to 3 angels, John an infant loss at 10 days, Leo an early miscarriage, Victor a still birth at 21 weeks. Also mama to 11 beautiful living children, passionate writer, and registered nurse by trade. My children are growing and it’s time for me to give back to others the wonderful love I’ve experienced during my births and losses. Instead of letting my deep emotion frighten me I want to embrace it and let it flow into a beautiful compassionate giving. {since 08.18.14}

Abby {Minnesota} – I recently met my first son and began my birth doula certification. I know I’m trained and prepared to help mothers and supporters as they welcome their child into this world. I do feel, though, that my training with Still Birthday will provide me with the knowledge and skills which will help me support mothers and supporters as they welcome and say goodbye to their child. I want to be able to be there physically, emotionally and spiritually as parents prepare for and go through the process of meeting their child and be there for them to celebrate, grieve, honor and love them as parents to their beautiful child(ren). I hope to provide a love and grace which will surround them with light in such a difficult time. Thank you! Your gift to my training will be a blessing to many parents and babies. {since 08.18.14}

Laura {Michigan} – I would like to help expectant Mother’s and families in their greatest time of need.I have been a doula for nearly 14 years. I have 6 natural born children, 3 adopted children and 4 in heaven. In 2013 I lost our 12 th child, Mercy, to Trisomy 16 at 20 weeks. Previously I lost a baby at 12 weeks and 8 weeks. But they just happened. Mercy’s birth required a hospital admission, several day stay and a lot of drugs. I have a lot of training as a doula and student midwife. I have a wonderful husband who has helped me study and become an excellent Doula and midwife himself. I also have midwife friends I spoke to the whole time. I would like to volunteer my work to moms in need so they too have a wonderful support system. {since 08.19.14}

Lorsia {Ohio} – I really don’t remember how I first learned of Still Birthday, but once here, all I can think about is these mothers, whom some are going to go through the loss alone and scared, and some with family. Sometimes even family doesn’t know how to help their grieving loved one. I would be so Honored to be able to help these Mothers and couples transition through one of the most devastating times in their lives.. I spent 20 years as a State tested Nursing assistant in the nursing homes, and have 14 grandchildren, including one Angel Grandson. {since 08.20.14}

Heather {Indiana} – I am a mother of 3, 2 living and a daughter born sleeping. After my loss I had to go home and pick up the pieces, it was very hard to do but I did it. In 2013 I started Kailey’s Angel Pieces, making items in memory of babies that have passed away. I am looking forward to learning more ways to help grieving parents. The miracle of birth is an amazing thing. I would love to be able to be there during this time of need for grieving parents. {since 08.22.14}

Lindsay M {California} – Shortly after the birth of my daughter, I decided to become a doula, supporting others through laboring, birthing, and transitioning into parenthood. A few weeks after our daughter was born, our family was hit hard as my sister- and brother-in-law went through the tragic loss of their infant. The reality of loss touched me deeply as an aspiring doula, and my desire and passion to support families through childbirth humbly expanded to bereavement as well. I’m so grateful for organizations like stillbirthday and I thank you for your consideration! {since 08.23.14}

Brooke M {Ohio} – I am a mother of 4 just barely making it each month. It is my dream and my passion to support women throughout the birthing process. A doula can completely change a births outcome in my opinion. Thank you! {08.28.14}

Holly N. {New Zealand} – I have been a doula student through Birth Works International since march this year (2014), as part of that program you need to do two births. Both mine turned into still births with myself struggling to support the mothers. I decided with the second birth of a angel that God had different plans for me to help mothers. My birth doula work is still important but I feel the need to do training into support families through losses as well. I would be the first still birth, and loss doula to qualify in New Zealand. {08.28.14}

Anne P. {South Carolina} – I am 35 years old . i lost my daughter on may 2 2002 ever since then i have wanted to find a way to keep her memory alive . i also want to help others who are going through whati went through with more compassion than what i was shown. {08.28.14}

Erica M. {California} – Hi, my name is Erica and I’m very excited to have found this program. My first daughter was born too soon and passed away shortly after her birth. At the time (7 years ago) I had no one to help me through the grieving, no one to help me process what had happened. I since then have become a birth doula, and now want to further my education in what I can offer to others in similar situations to my own experience with loss. This is the direction God has lead me, and I just want to be able to help others have the peace it took so long for me to find. {08.31.14}

Gina T. {Ohio} – This past May, on my husband’s birthday, our precious little Elouise Mae was born sleeping. We are grateful for the twenty-two precious weeks we were able to spend with her here in our lives, especially after our premature water break (pPROM) at only fifteen weeks. Despite all odds, our little girl fought on for another seven weeks. As devastated as we are, the outpouring of support we received was beyond overwhelming – and we couldn’t be more appreciative. If there is even the smallest way that I could help another family going through such a difficult time, I feel that’s what I am called to do. Thank you for your love and your continuing prayers. We are blessed. ♥ {09.06.14}

Jaime H. {New York} – I am a birth doula-in-training, but am drawn to SBD because of the inclusion of bereavement doula training. I have graduate degrees in health psychology and maternal-child health, but no amount of cerebral education can prepare you for the tsunami of grief and heartache that death brings. I want to be able to hold the space for these families, to help lessen their pain and ease their journey a bit. I will also be teaching a writing workshop for expectant mothers, and feel this training will make me a better doula, teacher, and support person. I want to include pregnancy loss and stillbirth in my workshop, and SBD is the perfect program from which to learn. Thank you. {09.09.14}

Jenny B. {Ontario, Canada} – I recently began working toward birth doula certification. I have 3 children, and I experienced 2 miscarriages. Second one was particularly painful, and now feel a strong calling to support families going through loss. {09.10.14}

Sarah A. {Utah} – Hi there! My name is Sarah and I am currently a birth doula and offer post partum belly binding. I would like to further my education and become certified through SBD. I would also like to offer post partum binding service for mothers who are interested. I feel drawn to this line of work and blessed to be part and offer support. I would appreciate your sponsorship and thank you for reading. {09.16.14}

Ashley A. {N. Carolina} – I have been interested in becoming a birth doula for over two years and have completed many of the necessary tasks towards certification. In June 2013 I became pregnant with my first child. My beautiful son, Jackson, was born sleeping at 41w3d on March 22, 2014. The amount of grief I have felt is immeasurable. I have found solace in being able to help others on their journeys and thus is the reason I have decided to become a SBD birth and bereavement doula. Thank you in advance for your support. {09.17.14}

  • $100 – Donna Broadway

Ashley M. {Maine} – For three great years now I have been a postpartum Doula. I have loved every second of it. Then March 8th 2014 happened. My beautiful daughter Maria-Lucille was born at only 24.5 weeks with the cord wrapped around her neck and her lungs collapsed. While my hospital staff was great i was sent home the next day with a keepsake box, empty arms, quiet family members, and my husband and I were left to figure it out on our own from there. It has been months of loneliness. and heartache and constant explanations to our living children. I can’t let this happen to anyone else. No one should ever be sent home with a couple handouts and an ‘I’m Sorry’ and left along their way. I have a great urge and need to help others, help families cope and live through child loss, and really find a way to help living children cope and understand what happened to their sibling. These sad things do happen and noone should be left alone. Once I receive a sponsorship or save enough funds I will be educated and make sure no one is alone again. {10.01.14}

Jennifer S. {Ohio} – I am a mother to a set of twins one being my angel baby. I am currently a stay at home mom but want to give back by helping others who are or will he in my shoes. I have my lpn. We have limited income for this but I pray to be able to do this course. {10.14.14}

Monica U. {New York} – Hello everyone! I am Monica. I have wanted to help women and their families with pregnancy ever since I became pregnant. I started having complications myself which made my desire to get into this field stronger. I knew I wanted to help in some way. While I was pregnant I learned about a Facebook page Loving London. London was diagnosed with anencephaly, an “incompatible with life” diagnosis. I followed his and his family’s journey and waited anxiously for the facebook post that he was born. From following that page, that famiy’s story of love and heartbreak, I knew I wanted to help those families. I wanted to help support all families, whether they are welcoming their baby for years or just a few minutes, I wanted to make sure they had the support they needed in good times and bad. I now follow many families on Facebook that are having or have children that will only be with them moments after birth or have health issues. Those families inspire me to be the best mother and overall person I can be and to not take one day for granted! {10.15.14}

Kim F. {Florida} – I am a mother of eight, four living. I started my motherhood journey with a loss at 11 weeks. Less then a year later I have birth to my first rainbow. Before she turned one we were expecting again and excited to find out we would be having a boy. When I was 30 weeks along we found out our frist son had a genetic disorder , trisomy 18. I carried him for four more weeks. He passed away during birth at 34 weeks. My second son was born alive 10 months later. We decided to add to our family again and gave birth to our second daughter 3 years later. We thought our losses were behind us until I had another loss at 11 weeks a year later. We we’re devastated again. Wanting to add to our family again and were thrilled when we found out we were expecting our third daughter. Everything seemed to be going great until for no known cause she had no heartbeat at her 24 week appointment. I was induced two days later and she came into this world sleeping. Our third son was just recently born perfectly healthy. My last pregnancy was extremely difficult and emotionally draining as we waiting for his arrival. I was watched closely by my doctors and had to take daily blood thinner shots to give him the best chance for a healthy birth. Having experienced loss in every trimester I have a heart for mothers going through pregnancy loss. I have always wanted to come along side and help grieving mothers in a real way. I believe becoming a still birthday doula will allow me to use my experiences to help mothers and families going through a loss. {10.16.14}

Lillie J. – I truly want to delve into this arena to be a support for other mothers. Bless all the little angel babies and their families. I too have suffered the loss of one of my own little angels. For this reason I would love to be of service to others who experience their own loss. When you go through such challenges as a loss you learn first hand how to be emphatic to the needs of those around. I would love to be a source of comfort, strength, hope, light and encouragement to all such families with your help. I’m a mother of 6 and a grandmamma too. If your in a position to help and would be so kind I would so appreciate a small financially donation to make this certification happen to continue to Bless the Lives of Others. Warmly, Lillie {since 10.20.14}

Whitney L {Idaho} – I am a new to the doula world and I can’t wait to get out there and start supporting women. As a mother of four, I can’t imagine what my mother and sister went through when they lost their full term babies, but I know that it changed our whole family and the impact on me individually (as a child) was everlasting. I feel that if they had had someone there for them their lives would be different today. It is my desire to be that support for families who desperately need it. By helping me, you are helping them, and I appreciate you so very much. {since 10.28.14}

Angela L {West Virginia} – After seeing and experiencing loss all around me, and senceing the profound impact and need for support it leaves; I am seeking this training to further my ability to help the families in my community and those I may serve. {since 11.15.14}

Linda W. {Texas} – Hi, I am a mother of 7 who also has lost 4 babies to miscarriage. I have always wanted to be a support to those moms who are laboring. I have a special desire to help those who are going through loss as I know far to many moms who have lost babies and sometimes I feel helpless and want to comfort them but just don’t know where to start. This dual training is perfect. {since 11.16.14}

Laura B. {Australia} – I am a student doula with a desire to be able to help parents through all aspects of the pre and post partum period, even if they birth a still baby. I would love to study with stillbirthday so I have an idea of how I could support parents through a loss, if the situation arises. {since 11.17.14}

Jackie S.Z. {New Jersey} – I am a trained birth and post partum doula and childbirth educator. Additionally, I have a masters in counseling psychology and am a psychotherapist. My career aspiration is to eventually open a practice providing comprehensive services to women related to child bearing, pregnancy loss, and related trauma. {since 11.24.14}

Ariana W. {Ohio} – I am a mother of 3 beautiful children who are 4, 2, and 5 months old. I hope to someday be a certified doula and also lactation consultant! {since 11.26.14}

Jasmin – since 12.01.14

  • $50 – Lauretta Clay, SBD, Student Advisory Team Leader

Shellee S. – {Colorado} – I have been passionate about birth since the day I gave birth to my first child. I have been wanting to doula for quite some time and I am finally taking the plunge. I, also, recently started offering birth photography and absolutely love it! I am so grateful and honored to be a part of some of the most precious and important moments in people’s lives. {since 12.05.14}

Laura T. – {California} – Hi, I’m a prospective student looking for sponsorship to go through the doula/bereavement program. I have experienced two miscarriages since I gave birth to my son in 2009 (he is 5 now). I am really excited about this unique opportunity and want to give other women my support through their loss. I love learning about pregnancy and am fascinated by the amazing process of birth. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in psychology I am passionate about continuing my education in this specialized area. I see myself as a doula because I can empathize with others, enjoy hands on work and supporting women (and husbands) in all stages of pregnancy. I’m looking forward to this challenging endeavor! {since 12.11.14}

Angela R. – {Illinois} – I’m a mother of two and one stillbirth to our angel Amia on December 26, 2013. Life as I know it stopped on thst day when our baby passed and our family suffered a great deal. The pain and agony of losing a child is devastating and I didn’t know how I was going to make it through this year. I really want to educate myself and others in my community about infant loss and support. Its imperative that the resources and help is there for grieving families. {since 12.14.14}

Anna C. – {Ohio} – My name is Ericka and my home birth community and I want to sponsor anna for her son Johnny born still at 37 weeks and for my son Lloyd. Anna is already an amazing doula and has even done some bereavement worm with a lovely family. Anna has helped me a lot through my own perinatal loss journey. I love her and so does our community ♡ {since 12.13.14}

Carah A. – {Illinois} – I’m a mother of three currently pregnant and one angel baby. I would like to go through doula training, with the CAPPA program. With first hand knowledge of how difficult it is to loose an unborn. I would like to be there for others who experience similar situations. Thank You! {since 12.28.14}

Brittany W. – {Florida} – I am looking to become a doula, so I can help others that have been in my situation before. I have also had a stillbirth. I was 20 weeks pregnant with my son when I found out that I had lost him at 16 weeks. I then the next day went into the hospital to birth him. I had never even heard of a still birth until I had him. I just want to be able to help with the supporting the families of regular births and of still births or however it may turn out, in any circumstance. I am a mother to an angel. RIP Brantley Jacob. 10/17/13 {since 12.29.14}

Tiffani W. – {California} – Hello, I am the mother to one sweet boy and the aunt to many; including my angel niece who departed much to quickly from this Earth. I am a childbirth education student and realized that in order to best serve my future clients I must be trained in handling potential heartbreaking situations, similar to that which my family faced a year ago. I will use the education I receive from this scholarship to provide comfort to any hurting family who may find my services useful. Thank you for your consideration. {since 12.31.14}


Ashley R – {Utah} – I have always been interested in working with mothers and their babies, especially the past couple of years. I have also always wanted to have a family with several children. Last year I found out I was pregnant with my first child, and my husband and I were thrilled. During the second trimester we went in for a routine checkup and found out the baby had no heartbeat, and our baby boy was born sleeping later that week. It has shaken my world and broken my heart and the dreams I had for my baby. When I discovered this training program for birth and bereavement doulas, it just felt perfect. Having experienced what I have now, I would love nothing more than to be there for other mothers who are experiences their own trials and losses. {since 01.02.15}

Elizabeth B. – {Minnesota} – I am a loss mom of 8 with 1 beautiful rainbow baby. My journey has inspired me to become a massage therapist where I specialized in fertility and prenatal/postpartum massage and to teach Sacred Pregnancy classes. Something is still missing and for me it is the ability to support women who are going through what I have experienced first hand. I want to contribute to these women’s lives what was missing during my own losses. I am a single mom who is so grateful for my journey as everything I’ve experienced has moved me forward. {since 01.07.15}

Karen O. – {North Carolina} – Hi! My name is Karen and I would very much like to be a bereavement doula with SBD. Throughout the last 20 years of my life, I have found myself interacting with parents grieving the loss of their child through miscarriage or stillbirth. I have ministered to grieving parents through the role of a pastor’s wife and have also experienced loss in my own life. I would like this training so that I might be better equipped to provide support to those facing the unimaginable. Your sponsorship would be put to good use and would be very much appreciated. {since 02.06.15}

  • $25 – Heather R.

Daniella G. – {New York} – I am a mother of 6, who has experienced both a miscarriage and a sick baby in the NICU. I know what those experiences are like and would like to help others who find themselves in similar situations, as well as those experiencing other forms of birth loss and to support those families with healthy pregnancies as well. My personal experiences with birth are varied and include C-sections, VBACs and a VBA2C and pregnancies that lasted 34 to 41+ weeks. I have also experienced different health issues throughout my pregnancies. I appreciate you considering sponsoring me on my journey. {since 02.10.15}

Lynna G. – {Connecticut} – My name is Lynna, I have 4 living children, 3 angel babies and i am currently a birth doula. After suffering 4 losses myself, and watching a friend birth a baby sleeping, i knew this is what i needed to do. Its so important to specifically know what and how to tell our clients to get through this hard time. This is where my heart belongs. {since 02.11.15}

 Ashley S. – {Tennessee} – My name is Ashley and I am a birth & postpartum doula in Tennessee. I became a doula in May 2014 and for the past 6 months felt very pulled into supporting families going through the loss of their child. I have known too many women who have had to go through this time without any help and I feel this is an area I can hold the space for their grief and offer them love and support. More recently, I have had a couple of friends lose their babies, which has prompted me to go through with this training now. I really appreciate any sponsorship to help me in making this a reality. Thank you for your time. {since 02.19.15}

  • $25 – K. Nicole G.

Teresa P. – {Missouri} – As a childbirth educator and a trained Doula, I feel like I lack the education and training to successfully support my clients through a infant loss or traumatic event surrounding their pregnancy and/or birth. Although I have received training in regards to the natural process of a live birth I love that Still Birth Day doula and bereavement program teaches a deeper understanding of how to provide comprehensive care to clients prior to, during and after pregnancy/infant loss. I think there is a big gap in providing bereavement support for families in my area and I want to be able to provide those fundamentals. {since 03.01.15}

Rebecca H. – {Iowa} – My name is Rebecca Hurt, I am 50 years old and a mom of two angels one girl one boy and one earth bound boy who is 10. I take wedding gown’s and make them into burial gown’s that I donate to local hospitals. I want to do more now. I want to help parents in every step of their pregnancy no matter what the out come. {since 03.06.15}

Emily K. – {Indiana} – I recently attended a birth as a doula through a different organization. This birth resulted in a brain damage due to length of time in the birth canal. I tried my best to provide the support the parents needed, though I feel if I had been trained through SBD I would have had a better helping hand. Currently there is no SBD serving my area or surrounding areas. {since 03.11.15}

Bonnie K. – {Florida} – I have always had an incredible passion for all things related to pregnancy and childbirth which is what made me pursue becoming a birth and postpartum doula. Being a doula is way more then just a job for me. It’s my passion, my calling, my ministry and my joy. I have yet to experience loss with the families I have worked but know it can happen at any time. I desire to be knowledgeable and trained to best support families as they walk through the loss of a child, which is why I so desperately want to become certified with stillbirth. {since 03.11.15}


  • $75 – Nika M.

Lynna G. – {Connecticut} – My name is Lynna, im currently a birth and labor doula, but after a few losses myself, i decided to go down this road of training. It holds a close place to my heart and if i can help another mother, father or sibling to grieve over this, i need to. So many parents dont take that time, and its necessary. I would really love to get into this program. {since 03.14.15}

Renee B. – {Australia} – My name is Renee, ever since I had challenges throughout my pregnancy and labour I felt a calling to help other women I believe SBD has the focused training so that I can help women in all stages of pregnancy and birth. Thank you so much! {since 03.15.15}

Lea G. – {Hawaii} – Aloha! I am at the point in my doula career that this is my natural next step, I’m hoping to be well prepared for any and all situations with the families I serve. I would like to know how best I can honor their experience as a Still Birthday Doula. Mahalo, what a fantastic organization! -Lea {since 03.22.15}

Shannon B. – {Ontario} – I am called to this specific program as it embraces bereavement and loss. I would like to be working with parents and children as a medium, spirit babies speaking through me to their parents. I feel this will help empower me with the knowledge of birth and death and serve as a compliment to what my purpose is. I will be working with parents who face infant loss. I will be working with couples to energetically prepare them for procreation and be there through the whole process. I will be there in the event of infant loss, help with grieving, healing and processing, accepting and honouring the loss of their child.I feel that I will be connected with couples who will encounter loss. I have a profound calling to do this work. This will serve as my entrance to world of childbirth and loss of a child. When I am completed this double certification, I plan to take the Chaplain Training to help the transition with ease and grace. I want to be a source for parents to honour their child’s existence. Sometimes, we need more than just a funeral. sometimes, we need more than we know when it comes to support and healing. I want to be able to help parents embrace this challenge and heal, and hopefully be able to try again. I am also taking Moon Mother (via Miranda Gray) training in June 2015, which is all about feminine spirit and womb healing. I am a certified Reiki Master in various reiki modalities. I begin training in crystal shamanism in the fall of 2015. I would love to share with you my vision as to what I am creating. if you have any questions, please contact me directly on facebook. {since 03.22.15}

Amber A. – {New Hampshire} – I have been married to my best friend for almost 6 years, and we have 2 amazing sunshine boys and a beautiful little angel daughter. Elizabeth Anne was born sleeping on February 8 at 32 weeks. Her cord was twisted at least 10 times. She was 3 lbs, 2 oz. and 16 inches long. She was absolutely gorgeous- she had her oldest brother Jack’s nose and her other brother Dylan’s dark hair. Her lips were a perfect red and looked like a little rose bud. After her passing we ran into a few issues I don’t want to go into detail of on here. After much introspection and prayer, as well as support from friends and family that this would be a wonderful way to honor her and something that I would both enjoy and be great at, I have decided to go for it, but money is tight. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! {since 03.24.15}

Amy G. – {New York} – I am a Mother of two babies, Rory and Noah. Rory is 3 years old and Noah is in Heaven…he died when he was 24 weeks gestation. I felt a void of emotional support that I longed for during and after Noah’s death. I realized that my community needed someone to fill that void, and I am proud to say that I am taking on the challenge. I am currently in the beginning stage of starting a non-profit foundation that will raise money to assist families who have lost a baby and provide them with long term emotional support. Becoming a Certified Bereavement Doula will be a huge asset to the foundations success. {since 03.27.15}

Darlene W. – {New York} – A former NYS emergency medical technician /Defibulation. Became disabled due to my Job as an EMT/D.Married to the love of my life who is a NYS Paramedic who is recently disabled. We are the proud parents of 2 boys on earth and a full term stillbirth daughter due to a cord accident April12,2001 and died on April 11,2001. We there after tried to conceive again 2 years after but I was found to have premature ovarian failure. So to me this is a calling that I feel I must due in my own healing and as a wonderful way to remeber our daughter. It’s been a struggle even 14 years later. When this happened there was no services or anyone in the hospital to help us deal with our grief. We the confirmation that she was gone via a sonogram was induced and 6 hours later with my husband by my side we naturally had our daughter the dr picked her up said this is your daughter this is what killed her you can go home. So we were left alone to deal with our grief and break the news to family and to tell our sons the news that the sister they were waiting for was not coming home because she had died. At that time they were 9 and 4 at that age its hard for them to comprehend what it meant because as far as they knew that only happens to old people and not babies. To this day we all struggle. But for me this would be a wonderful way to help families to begin the healing process and to know that they are not alone like we were. It’s terribly horrible to have to endure pain of labor and have to leave a hospital with empty arms. {since 03.28.15}

Marcie H. – {Alabama} – I am a DONA certified birth doula, CAPPA trained childbirth educator, support mothers by providing some postpartum doula services, and an aspiring midwife. I come to this field a little later in life after having raised and homeducated my children and fleeing an abusive marriage of 30 years. My children are now grown, and my daughter is a doula with me which is really fun. I have had the experience of several friends loosing babies during pregnancy or shortly after birth. With my own experience of grief and that of my children’s, I have found the importance of truly supporting families in this very vulnerable and heartbreaking time can make a huge difference in their processing of grief and recovery. Protecting their space to process and grieve in their own unique way is so important. For the above reasons, becoming a bereavement doula has been near and dear to my heart. I greatly appreciate the opportunity for scholarship in order to better serve those experiencing loss. {since 03.31.15}

Athena F. – {Arizona} – I am 34 years old&mother to 4 amazing boys. I have a personal connection to the heartbreaking world of those experiencing loss, and am passionate about pursuing this dream. {since 04.02.15}

Heather M. – {Illinois} – I am a mother of three; two little boys with us here on earth, and out beautiful daughter who passed in March 2012 at 31 weeks gestation. I knew right after I delivered her and said goodbye to her that someday I would use the experience of her life and death to help others. This program is my opportunity from both she and God to do just that. However, my husband and I both work full time and are working hard to pay down our debt. It seems never-ending, and we just do not have the extra for me to pay for this course. I would so appreciate any help that anyone would be willing to give. Thank you in advance. {since 04.10.15}

Sarah S. – {NSW Australia} – Hi there, I’m Sarah. I’m into craft, activism, kids, animals, community, nature, helping people, self sufficiency, absurdity and pretty things and absurdity. I am currently coming through traumatically losing my first baby at 22 weeks (Easter 2015) and am drawn to the course as I have become aware of how alienating and difficult it can be to experience this loss in a society that cannot comfortably communicate about this grief. I want to help people to access the best options for them in pregnancy, birth, and bereavement, even if their chosen course of action does not fit the standard treatment model. This in mind, I seek to learn… {since 05.07.15}

Brandi R. – {Ontario, Canada} – As someone who has suffered loss and had no one to talk to I k know the importance of having support during one of the hardest times in a woman’s life. As a surrogate I see and hear of a lot of angels being born way too soon so to be able to offer support during those times to fellow surrogates and intended parents would be amazing. {since 05.07.15}

Alissa C. – {Michigan} – Since my last birth 16 months ago, I have been passionate about birth and birth support. My desire to become a doula was put to the test when a friend recently asked me to attend her birth. The experience was very emotional for me, of course because of the “birth high,” but also because I knew that my sister-in-law would be birthing my niece stillborn within the next 24 hours. I didn’t know what to say or what to do to comfort my brother and sister-in-law, so I wondered what I would do in the event that a client experienced birth loss. I believe these two births happened so close together in my life to create a path to lead me to the Stillbirthday doula program. It is an honor to be chosen to attend such a sacred event in a couple’s life, so I want to make sure my compassion is accompanied with knowledge to help a couple through any birth outcome. {since 05.09.15}

Lydia N. – {Arkansas} – I am currently a trained labor and postpartum doula working on my certification. I also work as an Our Whole Lives sexuality teacher for grades Kindergarten to sixth grade. This is a labor of love, as it is an unpaid job. I’ve been a sexuality educator answering questions about reproductive health and counseling people on their experiences for five years now. I do meet people who have suffered through loss and I haven’t felt qualified to help them. I want to be able to help clients, students, and curious individuals through this sensitive and difficult time. {since 05.26.15}

Douglas H.  – {Ohio} – After dealing with infertility for 6 years my wife finally called me up from the hospital (went in for another reason) and told me the words I had longed to hear. You’re going to be a daddy. I was so excited and my mind was racing all over the place. I felt on top of the world! But 10 weeks later my wife started bleeding and we ended up in the hospital where she passed our baby. She went into shock shortly after and they had to medicate her. It was a very scary time for me because I was new to this, and it was a very sad time. I finally was going to be a daddy and then it got taken away. Over the next few months I worried about my wife while trying to bury my own grief. I turned to alcohol and it almost ended my life. My wife and I did work through our grief but we both came to the conclusion that we don’t want anyone to walk through this alone like we did. There wasnt much resources around here for us and we wanted to change that. Since then we both have made it our mission to be the helping had in the dark that says “I know the way out”. I especially have been a big voice for Angel Dads. Everyone expects them to keep quiet and not feel the pain during the loss. Well we do and I want to be the one that lets them know it’s ok to express that pain and deal with your grief. {since 05.27.15}

Amanda H. – {Ohio} –  I am 27 years old. Two years ago, May 4, 2013, my husband and I lost our first child due to miscarriage. I was 10 weeks along. We felt that the baby was a boy so we named him Christian. We had no help and no where to turn when this happened. I want to be a support for parents when this happens and not only do I want to be a support to grieving parents, but I want to support parents who aren’t grieving as well. I may be different than a lot a women when I say this but I do not get upset when another woman is pregnant. I have become the person who wants to be there and make sure the mother is taking care of herself and the baby and I need to know that the baby is healthy. I feel I could really help families in this most amazing time of their lives. I want to be the support that a grieving family turns to as well as the support that a non grieving family can look to to help get through their first few days. {since 05.27.15}

Maria L. – {Florida} – I am a newer doula. I want to better serve my clients that are faced with the possibility of losing their baby. I know first hand how devastating that can be to a mother, to a father, to a family to lose a baby. I have a lot of high risk families and I want to offer hope and love. I do have a website if you wish to know more about me: {since 05.28.15}

April E. – {Indiana} – I am a mother seeking to help other mothers through their pregnancy/birth journeys. I have 2 sunshine children, girls ages 10 and 12. I have two angels- one miscarried at 10.5 weeks and another, a daughter, that transitioned to heaven due to unexplained cause one hour after her urgent cesarean birth at 32 weeks. I also have one rainbow, also a daughter, age 7 months. I have held the desire to pursue birth and bereavement education since after I had my angel. It is only now that I feel my personal journey complete and ready for this step. It is time to prepare to come alongside other women, mothers, and support and love them through their own journeys. I would be honored to be afforded this opportunity through sponsorship. I am thankful and forever grateful. {since 05.29.15}

Katherine N.  – {Florida} – I am a young Doula looking to change the way women experiencing grief are responded to in Hospitals after birth. Growing up as a military kid, I saw many women struggle with grief alone, as their spouses and partners were deployed overseas, and living in Philadelphia during college I saw many young women feel forced into situations they didn’t choose, without support. My heart is 100% dedicated to changing the way we as a society handle grief in birth… one birth at a time.

Amy F. – {Pennsylvania} – I am a birth doula with 9 years and over 100 births attended. I just this year attended my first stillbirth and I feel a pull to support more families in these situations and feel this training would be very helpful to me. Thanks! {since 05.29.15}

Denise W. – {North Carolina} – My name is Denise I am currently completing my certification through DONA international to become a doula. i would like to have an emphasis in miscarriage and stillbirth. I have worked in the healthcare field for years. This issue is not something that many healthcare professionals know how to handle. They have become desensitized. I have watched two of my friends experience a miscarriage and still birth. I did not know how to be there for them through these experiences. It felt inadequate as a friend. It was a very traumatic experience to be apart of. I want to have experience in order to help my loved ones as well as help future clients of my own. {since 06.01.15}

Sharelyn S. – {Nova Scotia, Canada} – I have been a birth doula for the past 6 years, and have enjoyed supporting families through the birth process and the transition period of becoming parents. I work with clients privately and also through a local volunteer doula program. It is my desire to now be trained to help parents through the difficult journey of loss. Each family I support reminds me of how important it is to find what you’re passionate about and then live it everyday. I am passionate about birth and supporting families through the birth process and look forward to this new chapter of bereavement doula care. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your support. {since 06.04.15}

Lily M. – {Oregon} – I lost our beautiful son, Luka, midway through my pregnancy in December 2014. He was my 9th loss. I believe strongly that everything happens for a reason and that all of my pain and grief have brought me to a place of empathy and compassion for other mothers. I want to serve, and I want every mother, no matter what stage of her pregnancy, to feel heard and supported. I want to start my certification on July 6 to become a SBD Doula so I can begin this journey. Thank you so much. {since 06.04.15}

Laura G. – {New South Wales} – I am currently training to be a doula via Childbirth International. I want to train as a Still Birthday Doula in order to provide support and love for families in the time they need it most. I have been considering training with SBD for quite some time, but I struggle to find the funds at the moment. However, just hours ago I returned here after learning that a close friend of mine may lose one of the babies she is carrying at the moment My beautiful friend, C, is carrying naturally conceived triplets. Her daughter, P, has growth restriction and may not survive. I am so lost as to how to support her through her pain and this has really opened my eyes to just how unprepared I am and how valuable this training would be for those working close to mothers – like myself. I would cherish the opportunity to be a part of Still Birthday, for all the mothers like C out there who need this support. {since 06.05.15}

Kristen P. – {New York} – I am a mother and a wife. I am currently attending college to get my degree in social work, and with that I want to become a bereavement counselor. I would love to be able to further my education and become a bereavement doula. It is my dream to work with pregnant mothers and to help guide them through this difficult time in their life. {since  06.09.15}

Katie R. – {Florida} – Every mother deserves compassionate support during her pregnancy and labor no matter the outcome. I am a new birth doula and would like to be able to have the resources and training to support any birth outcome. I am 31 years old and look forward to starting a family of my own, despite a miscarriage in the past. {06.10.15}

Shawn B. – {Pittsburgh} – I am A stillbirthday MOM to my beautiful daughter Courtney. Courtney’s Still Birthday is June 14th 1991, 42 weeks overdue born still after hours of induction. I find great comfort and joy in helping other moms and families coping with this lifelong journey. I have wanted to become a certified Doula but financially have not been able. I am hoping to find a scholarship or other means to make this dream come true. I currently collect baby blankets and donate them to local hospitals as a means of comfort to mothers of still born babies until I find the means to take the SBD class to get certified. This is so wonderful to know that through the years this kind of help and support is available now. Thank You so much and God Bless Shawn Betts (Courtney”s mom)

Iris R. – {Saskatchewan, Canada} – I am a single mom of four children here and two losses. I have a spiritual nature which does not prejudice me against anyone’s beliefs, lifestyle, or race. I am a Registered Nurse who is currently not working. I have had experience in Labour and Delivery and see a very real need for these types of services, especially around perinatal loss. {since 06.11.15}

Cari N. – {Connecticut} – Hi! My name is Cari and I am a Childbirth Educator and Doula. I was blown away when I found this training. It fills a big gap in my training and is a subject that I passionately want to understand and be more effective at. My passion and joy is in helping moms, babies and families. I want to be able to help them through the hard times as well as the joyous times. Thanks so much for creating this doula training! {since 06.25.15}

Christina T. – {Florida} – My name is Christina. I am 27 years old. When I was 24 years old I found our I was pregnant. Shortly after getting the best news ever I also found out I would not be able to carry my unborn child long. I was told I had an ectopic pregnancy. As much as it hurt me to go on with my life without my child I knew in my heart I had to do something to help others who have/will go through what i did. Loosing a child is something no one should ever go through. I then created a Facebook page called “Precious Angel Beading” there i took request for hand beaded items in memory of all our precious little angels. Through that page I have helped so many families. It helped me become a better person….. But lately I have felt it in my heart that I want to do more.I want to be able to help others in a more hands on way.And I think deep down in my heart this is the best way. Thank you {since 06.25.15}

Missy W. – {Ohio} – I am a 34 year old mother of 3 angel babies. They were all lost in the first trimester and are missed and remembered with all of my heart, every single day. I had a miscarriage in 2007, an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in the loss of my right tube in 2009, and in June of 2015 I had my second ectopic pregnancy that resulted in the loss of my left tube. After I lost my third angel, I became involved in a couple of support groups on facebook and realized how little help there is for the aftercare of grieving mothers. I’ve been thinking about becoming a doula for several years (after my second loss) and after my third realized that it’s time to do it. I really want to be able to help and comfort in some small way mothers who are dealing with loss and provide whatever emotional support I may be able to give. {since 06.28.15}

Taryn S. – {Oklahoma} – I am a teacher and mother of two. Since becoming a mother birth photographer I have fallen in love with the birthing journey and idea that my support can help a family. Recently a friend became pregnant with twins and found that one had passed away. I am hoping to take the class very soon so that I can help her in the process of delivering both babies. A sponsorship will mean that I can be prepared in time to be a strong support member of her birthing team. Thank You. {since 06.29.15}

Kristin Esmail – {British Columbia} – I am a mother of three glorious children, RJ, Raif, and Remi. RJ is no longer with us as he was stillborn at 39.5 weeks. I am passionate in my journey to help others as well as heal myself along that journey. I have recently completed a campaign for Cuddle Cots in my community that brought 5 Cots to our local hospitals. I would love to continue that relationship with my local hospitals in being able to offer my services as a bereavement Doula for women and families after they have experienced loss. Thank you so much for your time and for listening to my story. Much love… {since 09.02.15}

Kimberly – {Connecticut} – I am a mother to 3 beautiful daughters here on earth and a precious son in heaven (5/29/12, 24 weeks gestation, passed away from Bilateral Renal Agenesis 11 mins after birth). I work full time as an EMT and as a EMS-Instructor and AHA BLS Instructor (CPR/AED/First Aid) . Since the loss of our 3rd child, our only son, my husband and I have been donating memory boxes to our area hospitals, we are working on our 4th fundraising event (we hold 1 a yr) and are getting ready to deliver 100 boxes to 3 area hospitals in Connecticut. ( Even with all the work we put into our memory boxes, I still feel like I need to do more for these families that are going through a loss like no other. The pain of losing a baby is something that no one can completely understand unless they have personally gone through it. I know from experience how confusing and overwhelming all the decisions can be and although we had a fantastic labor nurses, it would have been so much better to have had some one there to advocate for us as soon as we received the diagnosis and were told our son didn’t have a chance of survival. In our small community, there is a lack of services out here for families that are going through a infant loss. I want to take every opportunity I can to further educate myself so that I can be an advocate and companion to families not only experiencing a loss but, who need support because they are all alone or don’t have the resources to provide for themselves and their unborn/newborn child. I am very excited at the possibility of becoming a SBD Doula and continuing to help families who are facing the unimaginal grief of infant loss. Thank you, in advance, for helping me achieve my goals! {since 09.04.15}

Kayla Smith – {Tennessee} – I have been working as a doula for several years now. I have always felt the need to prepare myself to better help the women I serve, and especially to help woman with various birth outcomes. SBD training seems like the perfect opportunity to prepare myself and I am looking forward to beginning! {since 09.04.15}

Jamie Pursley – {North Carolina} – In December of 2011, the unimaginable happened to my husband and I. We lost our unborn son at 4 months gestation, due to an extremely rare (unknown) uterine condition called a “True Bicornuate Uterus”. At only 26, with my first pregnancy, I was an unknown statistic to all doctors in the Charlotte area. Broken hearted, we moved forward and eventually conceived a child via IVF & gestational carrier through my maternal cousin. Our second son was born in April of 2013. I quit my job as a second grade teacher in order to become a stay at home mom, and to focus on my local support group for child loss & infertile women (called Mommies In Waiting). My calling has extended beyond my informal grief counseling and I believe my heart is meant to help parents through the unnatural grieving process of losing a baby. Our story was featured in the New York Times, and also in Marie Claire: Australia. We have been blessed to have the opportunity to spread the word of hope to many other couples around the world; my focus now lies in helping other local Charlotte couples by working one-on-one with them in the unfortunate circumstance of child loss. ((See )) Thank you for this opportunity to return to my community as a valuable part of the grief counseling team. {since 09.05.15}

Amber Alu – {Eugene, Oregon} – I am doing this for my daughters and all other families who must go through this loss. My daughters, Georgianna and Emersyn, were born at 22 weeks and 23 weeks respectively. Both girls impacted our lives and I wish to honor their life by helping others that must walk this difficult road. {since 09.10.15}

Lacey McCutchen – {Vancouver, BC, Canada} -I am a mama of two beautiful boys. Our oldest (2.5 years) is adopted through the foster system, and our youngest (2 months old!) is our rainbow baby, born after 2 back to back miscarriages. I have trained through “Sacred Pregnancy” for postpartum ceremonies and belly binding, and in addition to my regular clients I offer these services at no cost to mamas who have suffered a loss. I’d like to expand this area of my business to offer more to those going through pregnancy or baby loss. {09.12.15}

Kayla Cunningham – {Ohio} – My name is Kayla Cunningham and I am 29 years old. I have 3 sons. Ethan, Logan and Taylor. Taylor is my angel baby. He was born still at 40 weeks 2 days on May 23, 2015. I also have a stepdaughter, Olivia. My husband and I have been together 7 years, and married for 5. I am passionate about making sure to give Taylor’s life meaning by helping other families who have experienced a still birth. It is important to me to keep his memory alive. {since 09.12.15}

Karli – {Florida} – I am a 27-year old mother of one daughter, Hallelujah, and three angel babies- Hannah (miscarried 7/11/12), Juniper (miscarried 1/9/15), and Hudson (born at 13 weeks, 8/25/15). My family is preparing to move to Rwanda in the spring, where I am humbly preparing to serve women in their births as a Birth and Bereavment Doula, and eventually as a midwife. The average Rwandan mother has 5 children, and the infant mortality rate is roughly 1/5. The average Rwandan mother has felt my same pain of losing a child. Please, help me serve these women by sponsoring my education as a Birth and Bereavment Doula! {since 09.22.15}

  • Melanie (interested)

Johanna – {Alabama} – I have given birth to 5 precious angels (all beautiful girls) but only 4 are still here on earth with me. My oldest daughter died of SIDS when she was only 4 months and 26 days old. I have also lost 3 more pregnancies (4 babies total). I have always felt led to support others as they endure the process of pregnancy and subsequent loss. I want to be there and give 200% of myself to help the families I encounter. It’s my 2nd mission in life to fulfill this promise. I am a volunteer First Responder/EMT/FF and even did some training with the county coroner’s office. Becoming a Doula and being able to help these families will be an answer to a huge prayer. {since 09.25.15}

Laura B – {Canada} – Laura brings her love of the elements, movement medicine, and energetic practices to her safe and supportive container. She has a very strong connection to her intuition, and her incredible way of balancing her power and her grace is the very key to the depths of her healing abilities. Laura has studied yoga with many mentors worldwide, offering you the opportunity to embody and feel your way through this sacred journey. She has been offering reiki for over twelve years and has completed doula trainings in both Alberta and British Columbia. When Laura weaves her medicines of sound healing and her angelic voice with her knowledge of the energetic, emotional, and physical bodies, what emerges is an experience that is shamanic and deeply compassionate {since 09.26.15}

Rhonda – {California}- Hi. My name is Rhonda. I am a mom of 4 girls. I am passionate about maternal health and newborn development. I recently decided it was time to forward this passion of mine and become a doula. Aside from my 4 girls, I have also had 6 angel babies. Most were early miscarriages, one being my sweet Angel, born at 20 weeks. I would love to use this training to educate, empower, and inspire other mothers who have gone thru similar situations. {since 09.26.15}

Kearyn – {Nevada} – It’s my belief that any family who wants a doula should be able to have one, regardless of their financial situation. It is my goal to start or join a non-profit birth collective in my area. I think this Is something my community truly needs. Being a doula is my calling and hearts work. Taking a SBD course would be so helpful in teaching me how to better serve families. {since 09.30.15}

Amy {Oklahoma}- I’m a stay at home mother. I’ve had a stillbirth and two miscarriages. I have two little boys who keep me busy. I’m excited to begin my journey of helping women in any birth outcome. {since 10.02.15}

Tasha Oakley – {Texas} – Becoming a doula has been part of my heart for awhile now. I am super excited to begin this journey with SBD. It was October 2013 that my husband and I lost our baby at 11 weeks. I want to be able to provide comfort to another mother in these times, but also I want to help bring beautiful term babies into the world as well. I am currently a Certified Lactation Counselor as well as a mom to 6, some of them in foster care. Being a parent to many is tricky sometimes as well as SO rewarding. Please join us in reaching my goal to attend this training! {since 10.04.15}

Katherine Creamer – {Texas} –  I am a birth and postpartum doula in Georgetown, Texas wanting to complete bereavement training. My heart is to help all parents through all walks of life, no matter what that path looks like, and I think Still Birthday is the place to do that. {since 11.08.15}

  • $25 – Mandy D.

Tasha M – {Germany} – I am a military wife, step mom of one boy and a mommy of 2 boys. Once of which walks the floors of heaven. My angel was born silent April 28, 2015. Ever since losing him, I wanted to do something in honor of him. I want to help other women get through the greatness of bringing a baby into this world, and unfortunately, help women get through the heartbreak of a angel being born. I believe this is what I need to do. I’d love to be able to travel the world and help mommys everywhere I go.{since 11.09.15}

Darla – {New Hampshire} – Hello, my name is Darla and I am interested in becoming a birth and bereavement doula. I have been interested for about 5 yrs now. I lost a son, Avery, in 2003 and have had a total of 8 other losses at different gestations, in all three trimesters. I feel that my personal experience and my compassion for birth, babies and helping families deal with the ultimate tragedy will help make me an amazing doula. I am currently a nursing assistant and hoping to expand my career and my heart has lead me here. However, as a now single mom with two living children I’ve been blessed to have, money is tight and would love your help in supporting me on this journey I’ve been called to do. I live In NH, with my 16yr old son and 5yr old daughter. I am hoping to start the January class. Thank you and God Bless {since 11.11.15}

Misty – {Tennessee} – My name is Misty. I am a lactation consultant and want to expand into becoming a doula. I have a 2.5 year old and Ive had a miscarriage a few months ago. Ive been married for 5 years. I have a BA and I’m a licensed nail technician but I am truly interested in serving postpartum families. {since 11.12.15}

Megan D. – {Colorado} – I am DONA doula, lactation consultant, and massage therapist, and hold a bachelors degree in human and microbial biology. I have intentions of continuing on to become a certified nurse midwife and family nurse practitioner. I come to this work for a number of reasons. My sister lost an infant when he was 1 month old and she never quite recovered. I was young at the time, 19, but no one knew how to help her or what resources to turn to. As she held little Jonathan for the first time on his last day, after 3 major surgeries, there was nothing but emptiness and grief. She could not think through what things she would want to have to help her grieve and remember him. there wasn’t a lot of space either. I have a deep desire to help miscarriage, still birth, and infant loss to be transformative, meaningful, and powerful. {since 11.13.15}

Angela W. – {Pennsylvania} – I lost my daughter September 22 2015 due to anencephaly. I had a doula names brandy and she helped me in more ways then I could ever imiagine. And I would like to help other family’s out and let then know they are not alone. {since 11.16.15}

Megan F. – {Ohio} – Hello. I’m Megan, a certified nurse aide and nursing student in Cincinnati. I’m currently working on my certification as a birth and postpartum doula as I work toward my goal of becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife. I am striving to become as educated, knowledgeable, and potentially helpful as possible to all birthing parents, their partners, and other professionals. Upon completion of the SBD U program, I plan to expand my doula services to include free pregnancy release services for those experiences stillbirth or miscarriage. There is a lack of experienced birth and bereavement doulas in the SW Ohio area and I would honored to be considered for a scholarship in order to attempt to fill that gap. Thank you so much {since 11.17.15}

Kelsey L. – {Iowa} – I am a 28 year old mother of 5. On July 23, 2007 i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who was stillborn, i had no support except from my close family and friends. I want to be able to help families and offer them the support i never had. {since 11.18.15}

Kristyn P. – {New York} – I am 25 and a stay at home mom. I have 3 daughters who are my world. In 2009 my husband and I suffered a miscarriage at 5 weeks gestation. It was very difficult and I felt alone. I am currently in college working towards earning my human service degree. My hopes are to become a grief counselor and grief doula. I want to be able to help people in all forms of grief. {since 11.22.15}

Jeanne – {Kentucky} – I am a 29 year old mother of two boys. One is six and the other I lost at 16 weeks gestation this past August 2015. With my first son I had pre-eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome. Both of our lives were in danger, as I was already high risk due to three blood clotting disorders. These same disorders were blamed for losing my second swert boy. I’d love to be able to help families who are going through these hard times. I want to do this in honor of my six year old, Charlie, and in memory of Branson. {since 11.22.15}

Misty D. – {Tennessee} –  {since 11.23.15}

Jordan – {Indiana} –  {since 11.24.15}

Mary-Ashley – {Massachusetts} –   {since 11.25.15}

Nicole C. – {South Carolina} –  {since 11.28.15}

Lainie H. – {Canada} –   {since 12.15.15}



Alyson Trent – {Kentucky} – {since 01.02.16}

  • $25 – stillbirthday

Kathleen Rouleau – {Massachusetts} – {since 01.06.16}

  • $25 – stillbirthday

Elizabeth Drumheller – {Minnesota} – {since 01.07.16}

  • $25 – stillbirthday

Amanda Meyer – {Wisconsin} – {since 01.07.16}

  • $25 – stillbirthday

Cherish C. – {Arizona} – {since 01.31.06}

  • $25 – stillbirthday

Charmaine – {Ontario, Canada} – {since 02.02.16}

  • $25 – stillbirthday

Natalie A – {Connecticut} – {since 02.10.16}

  • $25 – stillbirthday

Carrie Ann – {Illinois} – {since 02.13.16}

  • $25 – stillbirthday

Michelle Ikwumonu – {BC Canada} – Hello everyone, After losing my son, Malaki, I felt lost and some days I still do. Mostly nights nearing the eve of the night we lost him. The night before our due date. My son has taught me so many lessons and I am so very grateful for that. I don’t know why he left but I do know I cherish every moment I carried him. I cherish every second of my labor. I cherished holding him for that short while he was earthside until we had to bury his vessel. I’m so blessed he chose me to be his mother. I want to honor my son and the lessons and gifts he has shared with me by supporting women during their labor. I felt since I have lived experience with such a huge loss, that I could really connect with couples that have to deliver their stillborn. I want to be able to assist in any way I can during both live and still births. It is such a sacred space. I know this is a part of my life journey. This is what I’m meant to do. I’m asking for sponsorship to help pay for the cost of my training. Any amount will help me reach my goal. Thank you in advance for reading a part of my story.~ Love and light. ~ Michelle Ikwumonu. {since 02.22.16}

  • $25 – stillbirthday

Valeria R. – {Missouri} – Hi, thank you for taking the time to consider helping. I am married to my wonderful husband and we have four beautiful children. I have always enjoyed helping others and have worked in the medical field. I have a passion to work with people and listen to their needs. My goal is to be able to experience with families the joy of birth and to share the hope in the loss of a child. I believe that my hardship as a mother will contribute to this journey. If you feel it in your heart to help me reach my goal I thank you in advance. God Bless. {since 03.09.16}

  • $25 – stillbirthday

Melissa M. – {Michigan} – My name is Melissa and I an the mother to 2 beautiful boys who live on in our hearts and an amazing daughter who is 5. I am a facilitator of a peer led pregnancy and infant loss support group and am looking forward to serving families in loss. {since 03.09.16}

  • $25 – stillbirthday

Jenn Parker Johnson – {Connecticut} – {since 08.01.16}

  • $25 – stillbirthday
  • $50 – Megan C.
  • $25 – Lerin B.

Ashley Martin

  • $25 – stillbirthday

Misty Davis

  • $25 – stillbirthday

Krysten Woods

  • $25 – stillbirthay

Lisley Siqueira

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Ashlie Taylor

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Tracey Sowan McIver

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Cherish Cutler

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Jamie McCleary

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Becca Reynolds

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Colleen Rodriguez

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Robin Cassady

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Gabriel Cunningham

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Chez Anne Armstrong

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Kathleen Rouleau

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Shivhan Preston-Hunter

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Kristyn Potter

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Edina MacDonald

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Jessica Flescher

  • $25 – stillbirthday

Cherilyn Briana Westcott {Louisiana} – {since 09.13.16}

ASHLEY M MARTIN {Alberta, Canada} – {since 10.01.16}

Jamie McCleary {Ontario} – {10.03.16}

Jessica Fischer {Ontario} – {10.05.16}

Lesley Cressman {Kitchener, On, Canada} – {10.14.16}

Darcie Lyle {Vermont} – {10.29.16}

Michelle Mullens {Florida} – {11.08.16}

Jessica Fisk {Colorado} – {11.15.16}

Lilllian Carter {North Carolina} – {12.01.16}


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