Safety Reports

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Here is where we can share and update on any safety issues as they pertain to doulas, to help give one another tips to be alert for our own safety and the safety of those we serve.  We cover tips to prevent such dangers within the training, including using your own discernment and implementing your own safety system around yourself at all times.

Email Scams

  1. Example One: An individual will send an email from a different country, stating that the wife is pregnant and will locate to your area by the estimated due date.  The individual asks for your contract and your bank account information to forward the deposit into your account to confirm the wife will have a waiting doula when she arrives in the third trimester.  This example has been reported to be tried in expected live birth outcomes.
  2. Example Two: An individual will send an email to tell you that his unmarried partner has claimed to have given birth at a particular hospital, but that he is not allowed in because they are not married.  He questions paternity and asks you to go to the hospital to confirm that the mother has given birth there.  This example has been reported to be tried in all birth outcomes.

Presence/On Location Scams

  1. Example One: An individual requests your immediate presence at their home for the support of a mother experiencing first trimester labor.   Possible dangers: domestic violence, human trafficking.


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Domestic Violence increases in pregnancy, leading to infant & maternal death.     [Path to Safety]      [Learn More]      [Quickly Exit to a Weather Channel]