SBD Certified Cities

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Stillbirthday is a globally accessible resource of support, guidance and networking prior to, during and after birth in any trimester.  Our certified Birth & Bereavement Doulas® are also all over the world, standing ready to meet families right where they are.  The stillbirthday Registry allows for hospital systems, motherhood publications and other high-profile professional entities to be recognized, gain advertising and dialogue from within the stillbirthday platform.

So let’s keep going.

Stillbirthday Cities are those that have met the following qualifications:

  • 8 or more certified stillbirthday Birth & Bereavement Doulas® serving from anywhere across that greater city major metropolis.  These doulas might be located in or primarily serve in a suburb or rural township, but the span of their service region can cross into some depth of that city.
  • 2 or more professionals or establishments serving that city who are also on the stillbirthday Registry.

Stillbirthday Cities allows for mothers and families to see an even more prominent influence and impact of birth & bereavement care in their community.

Stillbirthday created the bar.  Let’s keep raising it.


SBD Certified cities

Will be listed here – what’s the status of yours?


Nearly Certified

  • Kansas City, serving Kansas and Missouri
    Currently: two hospital systems, five Kansas City serving SBD Doulas

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