SBD Deep Discount

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Becoming a birth & bereavement doula is one of the most important decisions you can make – for yourself, and, for those who you serve.

Please visit our registration page for more information about our fully online, dual credentialed doula program. 

$125 currently open.  Restrictions apply.


Open for:

  • qualifying SBD partnerships
  • qualifying “first in” locations
  • SBD Mentor Pass $125
  • connect with Heidi Faith to learn more

To register: 

But even without this discount, our $250 standard tuition is extraordinary for all you experience, learn, do and grow.  We keep this deep discount web link open all year round, but we ask for your consideration in not using this link outside of the windows of opportunity we create as a special opportunity to our community.  If you’ve seen this link shared during a promotional period, then that is the authorization to enjoy the deeply discounted tuition (if you are using a discount option outside of those authorized timeframes, however, you will need to complete the remaining tuition prior to official enrollment).  We have different payment discount options — this link provides access to the best of them!  Re-enrolling/transfer students, please see the letter addressing associated fees in your Student Resources.


Deep Discount Registration

01.}  Complete tuition

02.} Join our Admissions group





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