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SBD Registry® Tenets

  1. Well-constructed, comprehensive policies effectively guide staff to deliver evidence-based care.
  2. Well-trained staff provide current, evidence-based care.
  3. Monitoring of practice is required to assure adherence to policy.
  4. The health care delivery environment should be neither restrictive nor punitive and should facilitate informed health care decisions on the part of the mother and her family.
  5. The health care delivery environment should be sensitive to cultural and social diversity.
  6. The mother and her family should be protected within the health care setting from false or misleading procedural or policy guidelines which interferes with or undermines informed choices regarding best birth & bereavement practices.
  7. Recognition as a stillbirthday registered institution should have both national and international credibility and prestige, so that it is marketable to the community, increases demand, and thereby improves motivation among facilities to participate in the Initiative.
  8. Participation of any facility in the SBD Registry is entirely voluntary and is available to any institution providing birthing services. Each participating facility assumes full responsibility for assuring that its implementation of the SBD Registry is consistent with all of its protocols.


Guidelines & Evaluation Criteria

  1. Have a written birth & bereavement policy that is routinely communicated to all healthcare staff.
  2. Train all healthcare staff in the skills necessary to implement this policy.
  3. Help mothers initiate bonding with their baby.
  4. Help mothers experience bonding that is dyad-led, beyond one hour after birth, including rooming-in.
  5. Provide education on side-effects of clinical or medicinal options, including interference of bonding.
  6. Provide resources to maintain bonding even when separated from the physical form of their baby.
  7. Maintain compliance of federal authorization, trademark and SBD Registry policies and position statements.
  8. Annual recertification.


Stillbirthday Support

Stillbirthday leadership works with entire hospital systems, evaluates the areas of greatest relevance and need, and assesses how the different working parts come together as a whole, including Emergency Room care, NICU, emergency transport and maternity LDRP care.  If you desire to gain a better understanding of how to support your patients comprehensively, stillbirthday not only provides you the bar of excellence, we help you succeed in reaching it.  Through custom modalities and teaching opportunities, we will help you obtain your vision of better birth and bereavement care.


There was once a time when pregnancy loss and birth seemed to inherently negate one another.

Not anymore.

Stillbirthday has forever revolutionized the perspective of pregnancy and infant loss, and we’ve challenged other healthcare establishments to take notice.  If you’d like to join the leader and you desire to integrate the best birth & bereavement support practices into your work, join the SBD Registry.

Become an active member in the birth & bereavement
paradigm shift.  Join stillbirthday as a registered organization.

 This federal USTPO mark [The SBD Registry] certifies that the goods or services meet stillbirthday standards in relation to quality in serving the community impacted both by Birth and by Bereavement.


Joining the SBD Registry

The Registry has resources to help you succeed, including:certreg

  • Free advertising, networking and marketing, connecting consumers to your organization;
  • A Registry Support Team to provide individualized mentorship to help you identify the steppes of birth and of bereavement;
  • Ongoing education and resources for you and your team.


Search the SBD® Registry for Products or Services

The Registry is Right For

Service Providers

  • Emergency Room departments, Maternity LDRP units & Bereavement Advocate teams, Urgent Care Clinics, Health Departments, or entire hospital systems.
  • Established and successful resources, such as hospitals, publications, pregnancy resource centers, or other professionals who provide excellent service and who’d like to have our stamp as one way of representing that.
  • An employee of such who simply wants to nominate their place of work to gain the accesses provided through the registry.
  • Pregnancy or motherhood magazines, online or other publications that provide education or support.
  • Doula groups, agencies or organizations, particularly if any person therein has taken stillbirthday training or gained certification (minus any persons whosoever whose SBD credential has ever been revoked).
  • A member of any organization of any size that has academic offerings, teaches programs or provides literature on subjects pertaining to pregnancy loss or more accurately, birth & bereavement.  *
  • Registry can be made by any member at any level of an organization, but financial recompense is between said member and their organization.

Product Designers

  • If you have a product that meets the needs of a bereaved mother or family, you may qualify for the SBD Registry stamp of quality.  Your product must meet or exceed the need it addresses with a minimum of 25 positive reviews of your item or 50 positive reviews of your brand.  Reviews may be subject to audit at any time.
  • If you have a product that meets the needs of the pregnant (or trying to conceive) mother, and you want to ensure that your company name is one your customers will reflect on with appreciation and trust should they endure pregnancy loss, the SBD Registry is a great fit for you.

3 Person Enrollment into Certification

One of the finest incentives of the Registry: three person enrollment into the doula certification with $100/person additional spots for your organization!

The Registry is a stamp of acknowledgement that you as a professional have gained access to ongoing mentorship, and that you’ve nominated your organization for free advertisement in front of a local and global consumer audience who turns to stillbirthday for trusted, comprehensive support.

Stillbirthday wants to acknowledge the organizations that implement good strategy in supporting families and by so doing, encourage families that they live in a conscientious community filled with resources that are ready to support well.

Your Investment & Our Offerings

The SBD Registry has created an expense structure that makes the SBD Registry accessible to any organization.  Joining the Registry as a member involves a one-time, affordable expenditure. This investment of funds covers your first year within the SBD Registry, and includes:

  • Ongoing Mentorship {provided by a matched Chasm Ambassador mentor in our members-only circle, to meet the specific and unique needs of your company in supporting families well} including integrative strategy with your bioethical policy and healthcare team;
  • Group access to a customized presentation {arrangements/additional applicable fee may apply as needed}, or, distribution of your organizations materials (swag) at a stillbirthday doula event held in or near your Registry term;
  • up to 3 person access to online certification program, with $100 additional enrollments
  • 1-2 person access to SBD Registry circle (Registry members only) and 24/7 direct access (phone, in-person or in-circle) support;
  • Free Promotional Marketing & Networking
    From logo/name placement on one of our newest and highest ranked resources at stillbirthday, our “Search Registry” by targeted location, stillbirthday will link to your organization, as well as offer placement of a short introduction to you and your organization.  You can write your narrative in the form below.
  • Your first year Registry membership fee;
  • Your first year SBD Accreditation as a Registered Member.


Benefits of SBD® Registry Membership

  • Excel as a leader in the birth & bereavement paradigm shift that stillbirthday literally created.
  • Take pride in knowing that your product, service or business is one of the best when it has been evaluated and approved by stillbirthday audit.   With an ever-growing awareness to the needs of families facing birth & bereavement, our community is in jeopardy of the intrusion of commercialism and counterfeit products or services.  The SBD Registry serves to protect as well as serve our community.  The SBD Registry highlights a network of proven, trusted resources that utilize our mentorship and continue to improve upon themselves.
  • Lean into stillbirthday to help you address well, the needs of families facing birth and bereavement.
  • Share your expertise and continue to grow as part of an international, peer support network.
  • Stand out through our exclusive trademarked brand, logo and other resources.
  • Rest assured that your ventures unfold with integrity, ethics and value.
  • Receive individualized support and care through the SBD Registry support team.
  • Learn how every role within your organization can reflect the SBD Doula legacy.
  • Empower your organization through exclusive access to the SBD Registry members-only Circle.
  • The SBD Registry members receive our federally secured certifier mark.  A USPTO certifier mark is a regulatory feature and members of the SBD Registry thereby are voluntary participants of such an excellent standard. *
  • Joining the SBD Registry is affordable, and the standards of the SBD Registry are reasonable: free, ongoing mentorship.  Great dialogue to serve your audience better.  Who wouldn’t want that?

As the SBD Registry continues to grow, our pricing will need to increase to meet the intensive needs we offer.  It is advantageous to register before pricing increases.


 More than leaving a mark, the SBD Registry circle is a symbol of trust and quality.

Join Here:

01.}  Start the conversation.  We can create a program that best meets your vision.

You can reach Heidi Faith directly:
or by message on facebook


02.} Secure your non-refundable payment

  •  in full online
  • or by check, written to:   stillbirthday   |   PO 101, Kearney MO 64060
  • if you have add-on students for our online certification, you can use this payment link for each
  • Payment must be complete before stillbirthday services begin
  • Your application form will be reviewed (current SBD Doulas® are expedited) and your approval or any areas requiring additional information or clarification will be addressed through the email you provide.  Denial or termination of your placement within the SBD Registy remains the sole discretion of stillbirthday based on our Principles of Service and standard of Registry members.
  • annual review and financial renewal after first completed year of service.  If your product or service does not meet stillbirthday Registry standards at that time, all privileges and resources associated with the Registry will be revoked at that time or at any occurrence of violation of stillbirthday Principles of Service.

03.} Complete Membership Form & Sign Membership Agreement

You can attach any photos, including a headshot of yourself and/or a photo or [200 x 200 pixels square] logo of your organization, to or by message if you hold a facebook account.


SBD® Registry Renewal

Staying current with your Registry means staying abreast of latest accesses and resources and shows your commitment to the work and mission of stillbirthday.  New places of employment will require new Registry process.

Annual Registry renewal process includes submission of baseline data, Chasm Health inventory, signed Registry agreement and renewal fee.

To maintain ease of product labeling that carries your SBD certified trademark, you can complete a five year registration and renewal for $625 (a $60 savings).  Annual review and mentorship are still maintained.

  • Annual Renewal dues: $65



SBD® Registry Support Team

The SBD Registry Support Team Member plays a critical role in the development of the Chasm Ambassadors.  This elite voluntary role showcases your well seasoned heart to serve.  Connect directly with Heidi Faith to pursue this incredible opportunity.  We currently have our general Registry circle as well as an already branched off circle tailored to professional photographers.


Federal USPTO Registration Serial # 86484906 and # 86316468
stillbirthday Principles of Service



Report Logo Violations

Please report inappropriate use of the SBD® Registered logo to:

(*see USTPO certifier marks:)

[The SBD Registry] certifies that the goods or services meet certain standards in relation to quality, materials, or mode of manufacture, or may certify that the work or labor on the products or services was performed by a member of a union or other organization, or that the performer meets certain standards.

The message conveyed by [The SBD Registry] is that the goods or services have been examined, tested, inspected, or in some way checked by a person who is not their producer, using methods determined by the certifier/owner [the stillbirthday method is within a mentoring relationship for members].  The placing of the mark on goods, or its use in connection with services, thus constitutes a certification by someone other than the producer that the prescribed characteristics or qualifications of the certifier for those goods or services have been met.

A certification mark often includes wording such as “approved by,” “inspected,” “conforming to,” “certified,” or similar wording, which is natural since certification (or approval) is practically the only significance the mark is to have when it is used on goods or in connection with services.

The owner of a certification mark [stillbirthday] is the party responsible for the certification that is conveyed by the mark.  The party who affixes the mark, with authorization of the certifier, does not own the mark; nor is the mark owned by someone who merely acts as an agent for the certifier, for example, an inspector hired by the certifier.  The certifier/owner [stillbirthday] determines the requirements for the certification.

*Any person or organization inspired by the stillbirthday paradigm who wants to maintain a healthy, ethical and integrity based foundation within their workplace as well as maintain a satisfying relationship with their visionary, stillbirthday, while they pursue or provide offerings, programs or literature that meets their target audience that may be in any territory whatsoever of compromising the intellectual property of stillbirthday or the nature of our relationship should pursue the Registry; violation of stillbirthday Principles of Service forfeits such privileges as the SBD Registry.  This assures that you and your organization remain well within our Principles of Service; stillbirthday has secured the Federal Authorization to regulate the profession of Birth and Bereavement Doula pursuant # 86316468.



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