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With all that we give, do and support for our SBD credentialed doulas,

what more could we give?


Because, the spaces where birth & bereavement meet aren’t fleeting, but are an exponential series of moments that make up our story and ultimately, our legacy.

Excel as a leader in the birth & bereavement paradigm shift
that stillbirthday literally created.


Joining the SBD Registry

The Registry has resources to help you succeed, including:

  • Identifying the steppes of birth and of bereavement;
  • A Registry Support Team to provide individualized assistance;
  • Chasm Ambassador mentorship to support the growth of leadership teams; and
  • Ongoing education.

The Registry is NOT an individual registration for our doula program.  It is more.

Your Investment & Our Offerings

The SBD Registry has created an expense structure that makes the SBD Registry accessible to any organization. Joining the Registry involves an initial expenditure of $1,200. This investment of funds includes:

  • 1-3 person access to our certification program (12 months to select session/no substitute students after enrolled) ;
  • large group access to a private, onsite, 3 hour max. presentation {restrictions/arrangements will need to be arranged between initial applicant and Heidi Faith} ;
  • 1-2 person access to SBD Connect Circle (Registry members only) support;
  • 1-2 person access to our church doula program (churches only / currently Christian) or to our campus doula program (academic institutions only) – these are free additional learning and support avenues for you;
  • Inviting 1-2 leaders of your organization
    {Chasm Ambassadors} to our annual, SBD Registry in-service event (breakout only during our annual SBD gathering) for further learning;
  • Your first year Registry membership fee;
  • Your first year SBD Accreditation as a Registered Member (in training).

Benefits of SBD Registry Membership

  • Excel as a leader in the birth & bereavement paradigm shift that stillbirthday literally created.
  • Share your expertise and continue to grow as part of an international, peer support network.
  • Highlight your advanced skill set through coverage and access in our SBD Connect resource, with a Registry designation.
  • Stand out through our exclusive trademarked brand, logo and other resources.
  • Receive individualized support and care through the SBD Registry support team.
  • Learn how every role within your organization can reflect the SBD Doula legacy.
  • Empower your organization through exclusive access to the SBD Connect Circle.


Join Here:

01.} You can connect with Heidi Faith to secure your dates of training and names of your participants.

  • Heidi Faith on facebook

02.} Secure a non-refundable deposit (50% of initial membership dues = $600)

  • online
  • or by check, written to:   stillbirthday   |   101 W. Washington Street, Kearney MO 64060
  • Second payment must be complete before stillbirthday services begin

03.} Complete Membership Form & Sign Membership Agreement


SBD Connect Registry Renewal

Staying current with your Registry means staying abreast of latest accesses and resources and shows your commitment to the work and mission of stillbirthday.

Annual Registry renewal process includes submission of baseline data, Chasm Health inventory, signed Registry agreement and renewal fee.

  • Annual Renewal dues per Member Organization/Group: $150


SBD Registry Support Team

The SBD Registry Support Team Member plays a critical role in the development of the Chasm Ambassadors.  This elite voluntary role showcases your well seasoned heart to serve.  Connect directly with Heidi Faith to pursue this incredible opportunity.


Federal USPTO Registration Serial # 86484906
Authorization to regulate the profession of Birth and Bereavement Doula # 86316468

This list of credentialed SBD Doulas is freely available for confirmation here.

Begin with our registration!  It is available year round.  We provide several classes a year.  Get registered today!

The certification mark, as intended to be used by authorized persons, is intended to certify that the person displaying the mark has completed education course work requirements and work experience requirements of the certifier in the field of being a birth and bereavement doula , has completed examinations in this field administered by the certifier in a satisfactory manner, has agreed to adhere to the certifier’s standards of professional responsibility, continuing education and other post-certification requirements.