Stillbirthday Highway

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Stillbirthday Sponsor a Highway program is part of our Debris Day message.

We have been approved by Kansas Department of Transportation to have the stillbirthday name advertised on a highway immediately in front of the hospital that serves the most pregnant families in the entire greater Kansas City area.  It is also the hospital that called my baby “debris”.

We need $1850 to make this happen.   Any contribution is extremely appreciated.  Just use this yellow button, and add any quantities to match what you want to give toward this important cause.  The KDOT program isn’t tax deductible, but stillbirthday wants to thank you for supporting this important cause, so be sure to use the form below to get recognized for your help!

Contribute more than $50 to be entered into our giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card!

Stillbirthday Highway contributions have been made in honor of:

Ariel, Adam, Addison, & Aemon





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