About The SBD® Doula

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The stillbirthday doula supports families:

    • experiencing birth
    • enduring bereavement
    • facing any event where birth & bereavement may meet

Our SBD Doula informational website can be accessed at the link you prefer

through www.stillbirthday.info or through www.theSBDvow.com

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This means, that while there may be insufficient recognition of bereavement support from a traditional birth doula, the reverse is absolutely not true: knowing how to support in bereavement well, the stillbirthday doula also supports families well during birth.

Our stillbirthday doulas know this as second nature:

stillbirthday doulas, are birth doulas


Stillbirthday doulas (SBD® Doulas) can support families experiencing:

  • birth in any trimester, and in any outcome
  • unconventional loss, which may include adoption or surrogacy
  • NICU care
  • “rainbow” subsequent live birth
  • full term, uncomplicated, live birth with no connection in any way to bereavement
  • newborn nutrition and lactation options
  • and more


Benefits of Birth Doula Support

Doulas supplement (not replace) medical support to provide the following:


Connect with Your SBD Doula®!

You can view our listing of credentialed stillbirthday doulas, and interview one today.  Hiring your local SBD doula for your upcoming, joyous and beautiful birth experience is a great way to support the families in your community who endure the devastation of pregnancy and infant loss and utilize the services of your SBD doula, who often provides such service in your community for a dramatically sliding scale or an entirely pro-bono volunteer basis.

Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


Become an SBD Doula®!

We believe that every mother ought to have the informed right to include a Birth & Bereavement Doula® at her birth!  If you have an interest in learning more about pregnancy, birth, bereavement and postpartum, this class is right for you!  You do not need any personal or professional experience, though we do have students of all backgrounds — doctors, nurses, social workers, mothers, yes even fathers — all learning together in this collegiate level course offering nursing contact hours as well!

You can join in on this training

  • for enrichment (with no background or with an undecided goal yet),
  • to become a doula as a paid hobby,
  • to only serve in known pregnancy and infant loss situations,
  • to primarily serve live birth clients (and gain bereavement skills as a “just in case”),
  • to learn how to incorporate an SBD Doula into your healthcare or other professional team, and/or
  • to improve on your already established professional role

Join the stillbirthday doula program!








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