Dual Role Parenthood

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In a combination of addressing some of the same core experiences as maternal death and living grief sections, this small section of stillbirthday is dedicated to bringing some resources together, that you may find helpful if you:

are facing a dysfunctional, unnatural or difficult kind of family structure:

  • you experience grief because the relationship is severed, difficult or dysfunctional
  • are a step parent or divorced, and grieving the loss of your spouse and (at times) the loss of your child(ren)
  • are a military family or in another high stress, unpredictable career or journey

are a widow and/or a bereaved parent:

  • have lost children and a spouse to death or other separation


The dual role of parenthood means that it is a parent who works within both the mother and father role.  This has commonly been known as single parenthood, but single parents perform double the role.  This can be true in both rearing and mourning our children.


Bereavement Resources


Military Resources

More Resources

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