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We get our news,  resources, photos and ideas from you!  Do you have a news tip, a really poignant photo, or something else? Please share with stillbirthday, so we can share with others.

Stillbirthday aims to be the most comprehensive support for birth in any trimester. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please leave your email and a brief description of what you are looking for, and an SBD representative will email you as quickly as possible.  Additionally, you can email for help in locating the right support for your needs.

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Would you like to share your story or share in some other way?


Are you looking for a media kit or press release package?  There are so many important things regarding pregnancy and infant loss, including statistics, and including suggestions on what to say and how to help, directly from bereaved families.  We have a brochure as well that you can print out and offer to your local hospital or birthing center.  {hospitalbrochure}  Additionally, it is helpful to know that pregnancy and infant loss impacts all families, of all cultures, faiths and stations of life.  Please spend some time looking through our Outside Insight section of news articles, as well as our Local Representatives section, which includes printable materials for helping to spread the word about bereavement support in your community.

For adding  your product or service, please include a valid website.  It will be added in the relevent sections here at stillbirthday (for example, financial assistance for headstones information is listed in the cemetary burial information, through the Farewell Celebrations tab at the top of the page).

For all inquiries or other feedback/comments about the website, you can use this section as well to let us know how the site has helped you, or ways you see that it can be improved.  Your feedback is extremely important to us.  If this website has helped you in any way through your process of pregnancy loss, please consider ways of helping to spread the word.  Sharing this site with other mothers helps ensure they get the support when they need it.  Stillbirthday will likely feature your feedback to further spread public awareness about the importance of comprehensive pregnancy and infant loss support.

For submitting any questions or concerns, please include a valid email address.  I like to address any issues as directly and as promptly as possible.  If your question is about a story or a comment, please make sure you have read our submission information, if it is about a doula, please make sure you have read our principles of service and if it is about a mentor, please make sure you have read our mentorship outline.  Every effort will be made to reach a resolution while maintaining confidentiality of any parties involved.  You can also rate your mentor and rate your doula.  Additionally, you can read our Frequently Asked Questions.



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