Photo 12 Week Gestational Baby

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12 weeks

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However you treated the least of my brothers or sisters, you treated me,” says the Lord.
Matthew 25:40 
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  1. Hi,

    I found this picture and it took my breath away. Our family lost our sweet baby girl Adrianna Rose when I was 7mths pregnant, Feb 25th 11. I have learned even more that our Heavenly Father loves each one of us and has a plan for each one of us, now and in the next life. Adrianna blessed me in so many ways while I carried her. I wondered why at the time, such sweet moments came, Ones I had never had with my other children. I knew once I held her in my arms, just why God gave those moments to me!! She is our angel and will never be forgotten! Almost 2yrs later, I am now 12wks pregnant. Our children our so excited and we are happy to bring another sweet spirit in our home. Until we hold and kiss our Adrianna again…..I pray to God and ask him to kiss her every night from mommy:) Take care and keep looking up with a smile! Toni

  2. I lost a baby at 12 weeks. This photo is for some reason comforting to me. It gives me an idea what my little one looked like. My angel baby in Heaven.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had an appointment for a D&C and when I saw this picture I couldn’t bring myself to do such a thing. I have three children, two of them are still in diapers and I got pregnant on the IUD. I want whats best for my children and it breaks my heart that I considered to do such a thing. If I had financial stability it would have been a no questions ask “I’m having this baby”. Im so incredibly worried for the future but I know everything happens for a reason and God will provide.
    Thank you, whoever makes this website possible.

  4. I’ve lost a baby at 8 1/2 weeks pregnant in 2012 and lost my son at 12 weeks last year. This is dome hat comforting to me also

  5. Stories here are beautiful. You all have my sympathy for those children that you have lost. What a wonderful website. Helped me greatly.


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