I Want Him Here

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I Want Him Here

Lord, I know he is in a better place

With peace and joy and love and grace.

He never has to feel pain or sadness

With You, he only feels gladness…

But, I want him here.

I know it’s selfish, yes, it’s true,

To want him here instead of with You.

I want him here, to be with me,

To run and play, to climb a tree.

I want to teach him how to talk,

and watch him as he learns to walk,

To hold him when he’s afraid at night,

And let him know he’ll be alright.

I want him here.

I want to watch my child grow

To be with me, but even so,

I know You will take care of him,

And he’ll live in a place that has no sin.

Always he will sing praises to You,

Reminding me that Your Word is true.

That one day when I “come home,” I’ll see

My precious child waiting for me.

I want him here…..yes…. it’s true….

But if he can’t be with me….

I’m glad he’s with You.

Jennifer Mull

(written in memory of Elijah James miscarried 11/11/99)

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  1. My grandson was stillborn on June 5,2014
    This week is Connor Elijah’s Funeral
    I was so touched by The Poem, I Want Him Here by Heidi
    Thank you for sharing this “touching” poem
    Sincerely, Roxanne (MeeMa )

    • Heidi Faith says:

      Hi Roxanne – I am so sorry for the death of sweet Connor Elijah. I love his name. Thank you for the courage to speak out and share a little of your journey – bereaved grandparents can so often feel so poorly supported, recognized and honored. You are a strong and beautiful grandmother.

      I want to be sure to clarify – the poem is a beautiful one and I know can be a powerful word to share at Connor Elijah’s funeral. It was written by Jennifer Mull, a member of our executive team and a special friend of mine. She will be greatly honored to learn that you chose these words for such an extremely important time.

      Sending you love and strength and encouragement, Roxanne (MeeMa). <3

  2. P.s. I will be reading the poem at Connor’s funeral

  3. Roxanne says:

    Dear Heidi
    First of all, this website Stillbirth is such a blessing to me & my daughter at this time!!!

    My daughter is excited about The Life Certificate for Connor Elijah!
    I am not too good at emailing at some websites so I need Franchesca’s email to ask a question regarding having Connor’s footprints on his Certificate I plan to purchase.

    Thank you for helping me
    Roxanne Molina

  4. We came home from the hospital today where our grandson, Logan Scott, was stillborn. I was so honored and touched by our daughter and her husband’s love and respect for their beautiful tiny son. We will miss him and it is such a blessing to read beautiful words written on this space. I wanted to write words for his funeral, but my thoughts are so scattered. Thank you for putting many of our emotions and thoughts into words when all I can seem to feel are tears.


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