Still Birth Day: Supporting Birth & Bereavement Doulas

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Stillbirthday began when my baby died.  The purple zero candle photo at the top of our website reveals a moment from his funeral.  It is the purple zero candle that I needed, to validate that my baby’s life really matters.

Pregnancy and infant loss is not just about death, as if that isn’t enormous enough.  Pregnancy and infant loss is also about birth.  It is about life.

Stillbirthday recognizes that there is a substantial gap in care for families experiencing pregnancy and infant loss, where services are either duplicated or poorly abandoned altogether.

The SBD doula recognizes not only all of the fundamental elements of birth support, including but not limited to the physiological process to medical assistance – contractions, dilation, effacement, Pitocin, epidural, Cesarean birth – all things birth…

The SBD doula also recognizes all of the fundamental elements of bereavement support, including but not limited to the intangible psychosocial impact to the practical needs, both immediate and long term – keepsakes, bonding, bathing baby, decisions of farewell, cremation or burial, and postpartum health as it includes healthy longterm bereavement.


What began as one mother’s most intimate, darkest moment, has become a flicker of light, life and hope, bringing all-encompassing honor and dignity to families giving birth in any trimester and in any outcome.

The first training institution of its kind, stillbirthday is the globally respected authority in the combination of birth & bereavement doula support.

While there are those who are familiar with birth, and while there are those who are familiar with bereavement, it is the stillbirthday birth & bereavement doula who stands on this sacred frontier, equipped to serve holistically and completely, through both realms, and in the wilderness where they meet.

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About our logo:

Taken directly from the purple zero candle at my baby’s funeral, the logo depicts the purple zero with the flame inside.  The capital B is divided between two equally important lowercase letters: “b” and “b”.  Colored in pink and blue for pregnancy and infant loss awareness, these two letters coming together show that these two are inherently valuable, but that when they come together, they make something new.

The SBD Doula logo stands for:

  • Still Birth Day doula
  • Supporting Birth & Bereavement Doula
  • Supporting Birth Diversity
  • Still Birth Day


Click here to learn more about the stillbirthday birth & bereavement doula training program.


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