Spoiler List of Books and Movies

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This is a “spoiler” list of books, movies, and other media which reference pregnancy & infant loss.


This is not to be mistaken for our list of actual support books and resources for pregnancy and infant loss – though a couple titles were added to both, like Return to Zero, because they are wonderful.


Knowing what media represents the healing community is a good thing.

Sometimes it’s nice to intentionally engage in the subjects of our journey.
Other times, it’s nice to enjoy a film or a book without facing an unexpected or painfully intruding reminder.

Having this list can be valuable to show that Hollywood and others in fact do address bereavement, it can help us determine which ways loss is demonstrated respectfully and which ways it is demonstrated offensively, and it can help to shield us if we would like to avoid a depiction of pregnancy/infant loss while enjoying a book or movie.  A stillbirthday mother also suggested viewing the database “Does the Dog Die?”

Please leave comments below, to add to the list (including a link might be helpful too, so we can determine which ones, if there is more than one movie with the same title), and please tell us which titles reference bereavement respectfully, and which ones reference our journeys offensively.



  • The Help
  • Handle with Care
  • The Prodigal Summer
  • Where the Sidewalk Ends (“Dreadful” poem)
  • Big Love (secondary infertility)
  • What Alice Forgot



  • Return to Zero (stillbirthday is in the end credits!)
  • This is Our Time (by the makers of Fireproof and Courageous)
  • Marley and Me
  • Away We Go
  • A Walk in the Clouds
  • Lorenzo’s Oil (childhood diagnosis)
  • Battle in Seattle
  • Then She Found Me (adoption)
  • Seven Pounds
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife
  • The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
  • Maybe Baby
  • Secret Window
  • Karate Kid
  • Benjamin Button
  • Finding Nemo (Disney/Pixar) (depicts secondary/additional trauma)
  • Up (Disney/Pixar)
  • Astro Boy
  • Couple’s Retreat
  • Revolutionary Road
  • Facing the Giants (difficulty TTC, no loss)
  • Courageous
  • The Help
  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting
  • Cider House Rules (incest, elective abortion, cremation, orphanage)
  • The Way



  • The Big C
  • Private Practice, season 5 finale
  • Call the Midwife (includes crisis births and infant death)
  • Season 2, Episode 6 of The Fosters


About Children’s Loss of Parents

  • All Dogs Go To Heaven
  • Angels in the Outfield
  • Cinderella
  • Sword in the Stone
  • Because of Windixie




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  1. The Land of Painted Caves by Jean M Auel, there is a woman they meet a few months after she has a stillborth, and then the main character goes through a very rough (what I would consider a second trimester) miscarriage. They deal with it all very well, but it is hard to read.

  2. Rose Madder by Steven King. The beginning of the book; the main character has a early miscarriage after her husband physically abuses her. There are more references to the loss throughout the book but the beginning is the most vivid.

  3. Sing You Home by Jodi Piccoult. The main characters deal with the aftermath of a stillbirth and the difficulty of TTC with fertility treatments.

  4. Jennifer Wilson says:

    “The Other Woman” with Nathalie Portman and Lisa Kudrow. The main character loses a baby to SIDS a few days postpartum, and her close friend is experiencing miscarriage. The dynamic between them deals with insensitivities regarding infant loss and miscarriage.

  5. Side Effects makes mention of a loss. The main main character is named Emily, she later on in the movie says she wanted to give her husband a daughter but “she didnt want to stay inside such a sad person” or something like that.

  6. Toni Morrison, A Mercy.

  7. Megan Armes says:

    Butterfly Effect movie…… at the end the main character goes back in time one final time and strangles himself in the womb so he is stillborn.

  8. There is a few episodes in Secret Life of The American Teenager and the movie Gravity has a few references.

  9. Mmm, sing you home is beautiful but heart wrenching… Also Disney/Pixar’s Up gets me every time!

  10. saralee says:

    Big Hero 6!

  11. “A Smile Like Yours” with Greg Kinnear and Lauren Holly depicts struggles with infertility.

  12. Emergency Room (ER), TV Series, S10E21

    Happened to browse through TV channels today, randomly came across it, now crying my heart out… 🙁

  13. The Fosters, in season 2 (television show). Baby lost to early onset preeclampsia. Just got hit with that… :'(

  14. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1528100/ Exodus was very distressing for me, although I don’t generally dislike movies depicting loss. It’s about the Book of Exodus which does involve the death of all the baby boys, but in the movie I found this to be horrific as the father helplessly watches his baby die by God’s hand. I’ve never walked out of a movie theatre, but I left this one.


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