Announcements Regarding Giveaways

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Do you have a special item that you’d like to offer as a giveaway, and recieve a published review from stillbirthday?  Please visit our sponsors page to see how you can obtain our “featured” badge!


  • Bereavement Doulas (March 18 – July 31)
  • A Letter from Heaven – children’s book (July)
  • Stillbirthday’s First Year – various items (August)
  • We Do Remember You – children’s book (September)
  • Jewelry by Jill – beautiful jewelry piece (September)
  • Jewelry by Jill – beautiful jewelry piece (October)
  • Post Loss Lactation/Donation Support (while supplies last)

Please read our information on participating in giveaways.

You can read about our previous giveaway opportunities below…. (all closed)

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Bereavement Doulas

Post Loss Lactation/Donation Support

Stillbirthday’s First Year

Show Love
Share Your Story Share Your Story Become a Doula before during after

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