Mother Roasting

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Mother Roasting is a sacred practice of warming the mother in the weeks after giving birth, to help keep cold from entering into the new mother’s vulnerable body.  It is a ritual we incorporate into our Mother’s Workshops.

This sacred Mother Roasting is seen throughout the world:

In Malaysia, rocks are heated in a fire, wrapped in a cloth, and placed over the new mother’s  abdomen. In other parts of Southeast Asia, new fathers traditionally light a fire that is kept burning for weeks near (or under) the mother’s bed. In still other parts of the world, sand, oil, and herbs are heated and applied to the mother in various fashions.

As part of pregnancy and infant loss Celebrating Pregnancy blessingways {Sacred Circles}, incorporating a Sacred Mother Roasting is not only validating, but has practical, physical healing implications.

As part of our Mothers Workshops , we celebrate the Sacred Mother Roasting tradition for any of the mothers in our sharing circle who desires one.  For the mother, a special near-infrared pad is placed on her abdomen, and she is bound by a gorgous Womb Wrapping (see photo).  Finally, a beautiful rainbow rebozo is bound around her abdomen, holding this healing, warm pad in place.  During this time, she is crowned as the Mother she is, while surrounded by gentle music and a safe, healing enivornment of the sharing circle.

An oil is applied and massaged onto the entire torso area.  A thin panel of natural unbleached muslin fabric is wrapped around the abdomen.  The wrapping strip is then bound over the torso panel from the pubic bone up to the breast line.  The wrap looks beautiful when on and is so comfortable.  There are no hinderances to your breathing or movement.  The binding will help you feel stronger and more supported during your afterbirth healing time.  It is advisable to begin wearing the bind 2-4 days after vaginal delivery, and usually at 2 weeks after a surgical birth.  The bind typically stays on for a few days, then is removed for bathing and you are re-bound once again.  It is recommended to wear the bind for 7 – 30 days to receive its full benefits.

    ~Gives support to the womb after birth
~Speeds up the healing process of the uterus and provides a cleansing of blood clots
~Helps to reduce common back and shoulder pain associated with nursing by improving posture
~Helps to tone up your abdominal muscles and shape your hips after childbirth
~Relieves muscular and tendon tension throughout the torso
~Relieves water retention
~Accelerates fat burning
~Improves circulation
~Excellent support after surgical births
~Provides comfort for anxiety (src)




 Photo belongs to the amazing Canary Lane Photography Studio and SBD doula student.

Mothers are crowned with cherry blossoms – known as a beautiful symbol for the fragility of life. 


About the near-infrared healing pad: Laboratory research has shown that the infrared lights grow human muscle and skin cells up to five times faster than normal. The near-infrared lights penetrate approximately 4″ and more, increases circulation and aids in the relief of hundreds of symptoms, including: Arthritis, Neuropathy, Back Pain, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Inflammatory Conditions, Ligament Tears, Muscle Pain, Orthopedic Disorders, Osteoarthritis, Post-Operative scaring, Post-Surgical Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Relieves Pain, Reduces Inflammation, Accelerates Healing, Increases Circulation, Promotes Wound Healing, Stimulate the production of collagen, Stimulates the release of ATP, Increase lymphatic system activity, Edema, Increase RNA and DNA synthesis, Stimulate fibroblastic activity, Stimulates connective tissue projections, Stimulates acetylcholine release, Stimulates DNA production, growth of normal cells, and many other basic functions of living organisms. .  This pad is biologically optimal for pain treatment and holistic wound healing. It is used for wound healing applications by NASA Space Station , Navy Seals, and the US Submarine fleet.

Stillbirthday has a demonstration video available for you to view, to help in utilizing your Womb Wrap.  Just complete the form below for it to be sent to you.

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