Still Parenting

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Still Parenting is a journal space based on the message,

Grief is the way I parent.

Perhaps beginning with our baby’s birth story, we have a place at stillbirthday where we can continue to expand, to journal, to share, and to grow.

We are, in fact, still parenting.

In Still Parenting, we can share the ongoing, more long-term challenges and joys we discover in our journey of healing and living after loss – what it’s like to parent surviving and subsequent children, for example.  What it’s like to be the parent to a child who isn’t alive, for example.  What it’s like to parent children we’ve only held in our dreams, including fertility struggles, for example.  This can be as simple as one article you share, or it can be a whole collection of your journaling pieces.


At Still Parenting, we can add in:

  • A stillbirthday link to our baby’s birth story, and links connecting to anything else you’ve shared here at SBD.
  • We have SO MANY ways to get connected through stillbirthday – now they can all be linked together!
  • Links to our favorite support places.
  • Up to 7 photos, including of our family, our remembrance events, or anything else related to our baby.
  • Up to two You Tube videos of your choice.
  • You can visit Heidi Faith’s Still Parenting diary as an example.

Get your Still Parenting journal started today, by using our Share Your Story form.  Just make a note that you are either starting yours or building on to it.  You can also update yours at any time through the form or by commenting under your journal what you’d like me to add into it.

Want a few more cool ideas you can do with your Still Parenting diary space?

  • Check out our Mentoring activities – you can spend some time working on these at your own pace.
  • The Invisible Pregnancy offers 40+ challenges and activities to engage you on your grief journey.


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