Stillbirthday Analemma

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Analemma is Greek, for “pedestal of a sundial”.

If you take a photo of the sun at the same time every day (think, the moment you became a part of the stillbirthday family), through the course of a year, you will find two interconnected zeroes:

Isn’t that so entirely beautiful?

This interconnected zero shape, is also known in geometry as the infinity symbol:


And this is what it looks like in print:

Obviously, with the stillbirthday zero candle

I find this so enormously symbolic and significant.

When we experience pregnancy and infant loss, so much feels taken away, undone, uncelebrated.

That is what the zero is.  The zero counts.

It is a placeholder, it holds inherent worth, even if unseen.

When we interconnect, when we reach out to others who endure this devastating loss as well,

our experiences join and intertwine.

If I can just be willing to show up, to let myself be seen and to let your zero be seen, we create something new together.

A whole new creation is formed in the doing.

Because it is the most courageous kind of faith, to be willing to reveal my zero and to be willing to see yours.

It takes great care, great humility, great courage, great grace.

To trust that something far beyond ourselves can grow through our darkness.

How powerfully validating, that this celestial symbol of antiquity honors our truth.

Bringing warmth.  Bringing light.


Stillbirthday analemma bracelets are also part of our Stillbirthday Journeys program.

Update!  Even more brilliant and extraordinary, is the partnership with Sufficient Grace Ministries, one year after this first message!


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  1. That is breathtaking!

  2. That’s amazing!!!!


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