Stephanie Nalley, SBD

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Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula® serving Hagerstown, Maryland


SBD Chaplain

SBD Speaker (M0M workshops)

Certified in Psychological First Aid

I am a baby loss mom. My firstborn son, Bentley Charles Nalley, was born still at 38 weeks gestational age due to a nuchal cord x3 around his neck. My world was turned completely upside down when I lost Bentley. In those moments of my darkest hours, I knew that Bentley’s life still had such a meaning and purpose, and he was given to me for a reason. I may not have understood why this was happening, but I knew in the midst of the chaos that God was standing still. Shortly after losing Bentley, my husband and I began pregnant with our rainbow baby who we delivered sucessfully on August 7, 2012, just 10 months after Bentley was born. Whereas life still didn’t make sense, and I was thankful for the miracle baby that God had given us, I knew I wanted to help the next mom. I wanted to take my heartache and grief and continue to give Bentley’s life a meaningful purpose. And, so I started a local support group in Hagerstown, MD, and I looked into beginning to obtain my doula certification. I am currently striving to be someone who can help honor our babies gone too soon and cherish their memory forever. I may have had to say hello and goodbye in the same meeting, but I cherish those moments forever, and I want to help someone else cherish their moments, even in their darkest hour.


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