Their Little Big Sisters

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Told by: Joni

We conceived triplets after just one round of fertility treatment.

We were completely shocked yet over the moon with excitement.

I only knew I was growing bigger than a barn, I am only 5’1″ tall, needless to say, I got rather big fast.

All we knew at the time was I had 3 babies and they were all in separate sacks; fraternal triplets. I went into labor at 20 weeks , two of the babies switched places causing their cords to entwine.

I gave birth to fraternal triplet girls on February 3, 1987. It was the most devastating thing we have ever endured in our lifetime.

We had a son in 1991 and another daughter in 1994, they are the best therapy we could have ever asked for, although we have had many challenges with our daughter who has many learning delays and moderate autism.

She graduated from high school last month with school honors.


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