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Many families who’ve endured loss have subsequent pregnancies that they refer to as “rainbow” babies – the idea being, the rainbow after the storm of loss.

Here at stillbirthday, we provide support prior to, during and after birth in any trimester.  This means, we also provide support for families of “subsequent” or “rainbow” pregnancies.  We offer supportive resources to prepare your heart for conception, we have information and resources to help guide you through the additional joys and additional anxieties that may surface during subsequent pregnancy, and we offer a rainbow birth plan, and SBD doulas prepared to offer you support: before, during and after birth.

We also invite you to share with us, glimpses of your journey.  You can begin with sharing about your grief and your baby’s birth story, and then you can expand to create an online journal here, where you can keep all your birth stories and your updates all together in one place.  We call it, Still Parenting.  Just use our sharing tab to get all the details.

About the Giveaway

This toddler sized rainbow head wrap is a lovely, tangible symbol that everything is subsequent to loss.  If you do not have a toddler sized rainbow who can wear this, did you know that you can also use this beautiful cloth as a bookmark wrap?  Are you in the middle of a helpful book on bereavement and healing?  Wrap it in this beautiful cloth to keep your spot.

 To enter:

Just share this link (from this article) or this photo (from  our Facebook page or from the Bows N Such shop) with others.  We’ll be posting this on our Facebook page as well.  Leave a comment at the thread there or in the comments below, including any URLs of places you’ve shared it online.  The giveaway closes on August 1 with one randomly selected name from all of the participants.

Please check out the sweet shop Bows N Such that made this giveaway possible!


Giveaway Closed:

All of the names throughout Facebook and in the comments below were added.  Mary Ellen’s name was randomly chosen.




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  1. I am going to share this on my facebook page. Would so love this as we are expecting a rainbow baby in October!

  2. I love this head band it really touched me when I read the meaning of it. My baby sister just lost a beautiful baby girl named Isabella Marie Calderon last year. It was tragic for us a hispanic family that had head of losing bbys in the womb but didn’t think it would happen to us. Well it did and it brought us closer to one another we love and adore bby Isabella and dearly miss her. My sister is now pregnant and its around the time my sister lost her bby last year so I am extremly worried and so is everyone in our family. We want this new bby girl to share life with us because that is what our empty heart needs. Dont get me wrong we LOVE Isabella but we can’t touch her, hear her cry, watch her first steps, or hear her first words. Or hear her call me TIA NINA like I was eager to hear. We pray to God that everything will be okay. This rainbow bow is what we need. We need this rainbow baby. We already have a beautiful Angel from heaven looking out for us now we want to look out for a little rainbow down here on earth. This will mean so much to my sister Kimberly Vargas. Thank you and GOD BLESS 🙂

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