Love Letters to My Daughter

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Love Letters from Mothers to Our Daughters.
Stillbirthday Sisters
Stillbirthday Sisters, have a very, very special and important place in our stories.
If you are a stillbirthday mother, and you have a surviving or subsequent daughter, have you thought yet how your loss(es) might become a part of the way you think about or pray for your daughter’s future fertility?
The way you broach the subject of fertility with her, even?
This certainly includes the fertility of your son’s possible future fertility and his partner as well, but this collection of Love Letters is specifically about Stillbirthday Sisters, and about Stillbirthday Grandmothers.
Stillbirthday Grandmothers
It can be so heartwrenching, to seek to protect your daughter, while she is giving birth to her baby who is not alive.  Grieving your grandchildren while also aching for what your adult children are enduring can be enormous, and your pain and feelings can often seem overlooked or forgotten.  In this particular collection of Love Letters, you can write to your daughter, speak to her courage, her grace, and your love for her as you have an intimate view into her broken heart.
Love Letters
Mothers, you are invited, to write a Love Letter to your Daughter, and we can hold your letter at stillbirthday.  You can include your thoughts, fears, prayers, and hopes you might have for her. You can write your letter just by using our sharing tab.
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