Moving Gears: Return to Zero

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The news we’ve been so excitedly waiting for!

Rather than limiting the scope of the film to a smaller number of theaters, the team has moved gears and are instead working with Lifetime cable television network to have the film accessible to a much, much, much larger audience.

Rather than focusing on making the biggest dollar, their focus is on sending the most accessible message.  Make no mistake, the gift of this, is ours.

There’s been talk since the beginning of the making of this film, of what the message of this movie will do to others, for us. And I want to address that, so let me say it again: the talk has been, what this movie will do to others, for us.

It’s true, a film of this magnitude will surely break silence and cross borders and unhinge taboos and open avenues of healing that have never before been created.

But as the excitement is mounting and the Lifetime premiere date is nearing (May 17!), I want to invite you, to pause, for just a moment.

To switch gears about what this movie will do and for whom.

For a very sobering moment, I want to invite you, to think, to truly think, what this movie will do for you.

For you.

To see a full, feature length film, broaching the subjects, shining on them through your own bright, television set, the subjects that have been hidden in your own heart. Tucked. Maybe shoved in there. Maybe by others. Maybe by you.

This film, it is a whisper of love. A candle, flickering gentle warmth into the coldest, darkest shadows of your soul. It whispers, that you are seen, and that even in the seeing, you are not mocked, scorned or shamed. You will be validated. You will be encouraged. You will be inspired.


Get Together!

1.} Return to Zero will be on Lifetime television cable network on May 17. Show times vary by time zone, so please use this link for the details, and visit the Return to Zero facebook page directly.  You can also see if your area already has a “Local Leader” who may now be working to coordinate locations for the Lifetime viewing.

2.} You can take advantage of the free SBD Network if you’d like to leave messages and comment directly to others who are seeking a place to watch the film in your community.

Here’s some things you might coordinate with people to do or bring:

  • invitations for your community – placed at community centers, bulletin boards, any free public event notifications like your local radio stations, churches, counseling centers.  Just a simple card like the one below will do.
  • popcorn or other snacks
  • cans of pop or bottles of water
  • tissue – a box or a handful of individual/travel ones
  • journals and pens


Things you might want to include in your planning:

  • time after the movie to talk and reflect
  • both a male and female who will be comfortable leading conversation after the viewing
  • a friendly way to close the evening – this could possibly be a great way to kick start a regularly planned meeting time for all of you!
  • the link to Amazon should be available then or will be soon after, to purchase the DVD for yourself!
  • an invitation to return here to stillbirthday so we all can talk about the film!


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