Nursery Set Burial Items

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As part of Love Wildly, stillbirthday is collaborating with Altar Bridal and Twinkle Twinkle Noelle Star to offer several different beautiful opportunities!

Moms attending Love Wildly can have access to an awesome exclusive discount on any gown through Altar Bridal.  The vow ceremony of Love Wildly is a time for us to get dressed up and feel gorgeous together.  Wear an evening gown, bridesmaid gown or even a bridal gown for this absolutely beautiful event that will surely be a significant milestone on your journey.

After Love Wildly, you also have the opportunity to gift your gown to stillbirthday so that, through Nicolle Austin SBD, a stillbirthday doula, your gown can be reconstructed into several infant burial gowns.


But there’s something else on my heart, and I just want to extend the idea to see who can help, and how.

Our Love Cupboards are a way for moms to create your own local network of support, right there in your own community.  Our Love Cupboards serve multiple functions and grow as much as you want them to, through your holding and gifting maternity and newborn items into your community.

And this got me thinking.

There’s a ton of items that go into decorating a newborn nursery:

  • flat sheets
  • fitted sheets
  • dust ruffle
  • bumper (which doesn’t need to be in the crib with baby)
  • mobile
  • comforter
  • swaddling blankets
  • curtains
  • valance
  • diaper hanger
  • burp cloths
  • slings

And, there are several different pieces that are involved when baby isn’t alive:

  • blankets and clothing during the Welcoming
  • blankets and clothing during the Farewell
  • lining and pillow for casket

These clothes can be:

  • burial gown
  • bunting
  • shroud
  • blanket
  • hat/bonnet

There are also amazing organizations who make baby diapers and baby booties.

You can visit our Love Cupboards page for patterns, resources, and connections.

So here’s the question.  If you are crafty, can you create patterns to turn nursery items into farewell items?  If you can, please email your ideas and patterns to

nursery set


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