When We Are Support

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When you are pregnant, the energy to mother your baby can build a momentum of action and anticipation.  From the way you eat, think about your body, prepare for your future, literally every aspect of your life can become influenced by your yet preborn baby.

But what happens to this energy when we endure pregnancy and infant loss?

Often these maternal feelings, passions, instincts and drive feel overwhelming and deeply confusing – what do I do now?

It is with deep sacrifice, humility and love that many bereaved mothers are shifting the direction of their motherly offerings into mothering our mourning – caring for our own healing journey, and in this caring, discovering, curiously, a growing awareness and pressing yearning to be able to share this love with others.

If this is you, stillbirthday has some resources – and guidance -for you.

Preparing for This Journey


Support for Providers

  • We have an extensive and growing list of support for providers in our Provider Care section.

Do you have a question not listed?  Ask and we’ll answer it!

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