Your Pathway to SBD Certification

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SBD Doula Enrollment: Hiring Faculty Aide and/or Dedicated Student Coaching

You’ve reached this page because you’ve selected the option of additional support in your learning journey.  If you’re enrolling for the SBD Doula program and don’t need this additional support, you can return to [this page of the enrollment process.]


You can click here to [view our entire Faculty Aide team.]  When you are drawn to a Faculty Aide member, you can secure their service of 8 weekly interactions with you, by simply completing their payment process.  They will respond to you and will present you with a special coupon code to take $40 off your tuition.  If you haven’t read about our Faculty Aide option, you can [return to this page] to find out more.


If you are choosing Dedicated Student Coaching, this is a $70 optional add-on to your tuition.  You can [complete that payment process through this link.]


After you have completed payment to secure your add-on support option, you can complete tuition through our [final enrollment page.]




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