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Giselle is a beautiful stillbirthday mother who has created a ministry entitled “With These Hands Ministries“.  She is the recent recipient of the Unconditional necklace set valued at over $250.  She is now offering her beautiful jewelry set as an auction item to raise funds for her doula training tuition, with any remaining funds going to one of her favorite places, Miscarriage Matters Inc., where she serves as a bilingual Team Lead Chat Operator and Woman of Empowerment.


This silent auction will run until 05/01/2014 and the highest bidder will be notified with instructions on completing your purchase of the necklace set.

To enter, simply place your bid for the jewelry set.  If you are the highest bidder, you will be notified on 05/02/2014.

This is a jewelry set with an amazing history already.  Check it out by reading the Unconditional giveaway in which Giselle was a part.



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