Legacy Swaddle Collection

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Stillbirthday is part of the movement in which bridal gowns can be recreated into infant burial gowns.


If you would like to gift your gown, or if you’ve found a bridal gown at a garage sale or thrift store that is just looking to be renewed with meaning, you can send bridal gowns to:

The M0M Center

101 W. Washington Street
Kearney MO 64060
Grand Opening Announcement


11117 N. Oak Trafficway
Kansas City MO 64155



 photo by Life’s Light, doula and mama, giver to the Legacy Swaddle Collection

Your gown does not have to be pressed or cleaned or perfect in any way.  If you’d like a piece of your gown for your own keepsake, feel free to cut any part you’d like.  Ladies often like to cut a portion of the bodice.  You might use your piece for a tooth fairy pillow, or to include in future weddings, such as in the ring bearer pillow, within the bouquet or boutonniere or sewn into a keepsake kerchief.


Your gown is first prepped at The M0M Center by the first deconstruction process, and then is given to one of our seamstress team.  We cannot sell or exchange bridal gowns for infant gowns – every gown is given to a newly bereaved family for purposes of swaddling their baby in dignity, love and beauty.  This is a legacy of love.

The M0M Center isn’t open during regular business hours.  If you are in the Kansas City area and would like to visit The M0M Center to gift your gown and view our beautiful space, please just send a little email to Heidi.Faith@stillbirthday.com so that we can reserve a time together for meeting.

If you have given your bridal gown, please accept our letter to you:

When You Give Your Gown


If you would like to become part of the seamstress team of stillbirthday headquarters, The M0M Center in Kansas City, you can find this letter for you:



If you’d like to share photos of your bridal gown, including your wedding photos, you can do so by emailing: Heidi.Faith@stillbirthday.com.

To see photos of your gown through the recreation process, you can visit the stillbirthday headquarters, M0M Center, facebook page.


To see how the name we’ve chosen for this work – The Legacy Swaddle Collection – fits with our message of honoring the legacies of our children, you can visit our stillbirthday global network website and click on “stillbirthday headquarters.”

If you’d like to begin your own local chapter of stillbirthday seamstress team and Legacy Swaddle recreation process, you can either email Heidi.Faith@stillbirthday.com to get one started, or, you can begin a local Love Cupboard in your area and include this special work as part of your Love Cupboard.





From this gorgeous mama:

“In this picture I was 14 weeks pregnant with a miracle rainbow.

After 15 losses, 3 of which were with my husband.. we didn’t ever think it would happen. We gave up all hope.

We chose a gown and prepped for our big 2nd (vow renewal) wedding to find out, the gown wouldn’t fit because I was expecting a healthy baby, who was born 5 1/2 months after this day.”


Domestic Violence increases in pregnancy, leading to infant & maternal death.     [Path to Safety]      [Learn More]      [Quickly Exit to a Weather Channel]