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There are many ways you can shop to benefit stillbirthday.  Below are affiliated businesses and information on how you can become one.  Please visit the stillbirthday cart/shop to see stillbirthday items, and please visit our Farewell Celebrations for a global network of merchants, businesses and organizations that have crafted wonderful healing momentos and other farewell items.  Many of our business sponsors have wonderful items for purchase.  While purchasing from them does not impact stillbirthday directly, they support stillbirthday and we’d encourage you to support them in return.

HeBrews coffee sells delicious gourmet coffee, with the option of a one dollar donation being added to your total to help support the cost of business cards that are available in OB and ultrasound offices throughout the world, to help make sure that pregnancy loss mothers get the support when they need it.  The creator of stillbirthday purchases these cards and ships them to participating offices.

Creative Exploitations is run by a loss mom, who makes darling crochet hats for babies full term or preemie.  A small percentage of your order through her separate website will help fund stillbirthday business cards to distribute at medical/prenatal offices.


If you have a special talent at making a craft or item you would like to donate, please contact us and we will arrange for your creations to be displayed here.  All purchases support the cost of  stillbirthday business cards available to distribute at medical/prenatal offices, so that mothers can receive the immediate support this website offers, at the time of their loss.




These are free items or samples generously contributed by stillbirthday sponsors.

Bamboobies Breast Pads – Post Loss Milk Donation

Mother’s Milk Tea – Post Loss Milk Donation


Stillbirthday is not sponsored, endorsed by, nor does it receive any support whatsoever from any business or product in this section.

These coupons offer discounts on important pregnancy loss items:

Clicking the image will direct you to a coupon.

Clicking the image will direct you to a coupon.


Because pregnancy and infant loss can be a natural time to wonder about God and to learn about Heaven,  the following resources offer information regarding God.  Please do not request a free Bible as a gift to a bereaved parent, as that could be taken extremely offensively.  These resources are here for stillbirthday parents themselves to utilize, and only if they choose to.

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