Preparing for Maidenhood

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Prepare the young ladies in your life for maidenhood in a gentle, affirming way, while financially supporting the work to end human sexual trafficking – the horrendous theft of maidenhood innocence.

Human trafficking is an issue that is important to stillbirthday because it involves mothers – often very young mothers – often very young mothers who are forced into sexual acts and exploitation.

Girls who face threats to their life even before their birth, throughout their childhood, and even after marriage, if they do become married.

Mothers who endure horrendous, violent attacks throughout the remainder of their pregnancies – girls, who give birth in brothels.  Who face miscarriage and stillbirth as a result of the conditions they endure.

How do these young girls face pregnancy and infant loss?

India, Pakistan, Nigeria, China and Bangladesh hold between them half of all stillbirths worldwide. Half of these stillbirths are a result of intrapartum (during labor) difficulties.

These stillbirths largely go unnoticed by tradition or ritual, as they are considered a fault of the mother or evil spirits. Superstition prevents mourning and social support for bereavement.

Stillbirthday supports giving these young girls, these young mothers, the care and healing they deserve.

Do you have young girls in your own life?  Daughters, younger sisters or nieces?  Have you considered yet how these young girls will be prepared for maidenhood, the season of their life that welcomes them into womanhood, and potentially motherhood?

Heidi Faith teaches Maidenhood preparation from a gentle, loving, non-threatening, age appropriate, biblical foundation, using the quality, “Maidens by His Design” products made by Blessing God’s Way.  This 8 hour class teaches about the female reproductive system, preparing for menstruation, charting cycles, and learning the treasure that is God’s design for young ladies.  This is an ideal program for young ladies ages 8 and up.

Each young lady will receive:

  • Color Student Workbook
  • 1 Maidenhood Resource Booklet
  • 1 Color Certificate of Completion
  • Dream tee shirt

Class size can be 2-10 young ladies with mothers, if the class is held in Kansas City.  Price is $80 for each student/mother pair (ask about discounts), with proceeds going to Project Rescue to help rescue girls from human trafficking in India, which is rated as the worst country in the world for women to live in.

Contact Heidi at to plan a Maidenhood class and for more information, including details about classes held outside of Kansas City.



If you don’t have young girls in your life, consider attending events similar to the Abolition Summit or learn other ways you can support awareness in your own community.  The final weekend of September is a time for prayer for human trafficking, and October 11 is called Day of the Girl, as proclaimed by the United Nations in 2011.   These are wonderful opportunities to change – and save – lives.


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