Rate Your Mentor

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Your time in sharing your experience with us can help another parent determine the mentor to request to be matched with when participating in our mentoring program.

Simply rate your mentor according to the care and service you were given. Remember, our mentors are not trained psychologists, only friends who validate your experiences. Our mentors are bereaved parents who wish to provide you with their knowledge regarding the grief journey, and provide you with love, compassion, and validation through your experience.  Here is our Mentorship Program outline which will help you answer the questions.


Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us.  Please email to: mentorship@stillbirthday.com, and include these points:

  • Name of Mentor (first name only).
  • My mentor was respectful of my feelings as I shared my experiences.
  • My mentor emailed me once a week for the 12 week timeframe.
  • My mentor was encouraging and positive.
  • My mentor was well prepared to discuss my concerns and goals, including offering helpful projects, tasks, or perspectives for me to consider.
  • Additional comments.


In order of newest first:



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