Steps to Register

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This can be a handy window to keep open as you follow the steps to enrollment.  Here is the link to start at our initial registration page. 

What we’ve found is that our registration process contains easy steps, but, lots of easy steps.  So having them all in order here makes for things to be much smoother to follow.  We’ll provide a guide below for navigating the website, as well as navigating the Faculty Aide selection.

Tech Questions: Navigating the website through the enrollment process

  • 01.)  Visit our registration page:
  • 02.)  Read all the great information on the page about our program, including reading about our Faculty Aide Team.
  • 03.)  Click the “cart” button.  It looks like this:

  • 04.)  Note how the same screen changes to reflect that you’ve added to your cart.  You will see this:

  • 05.)  That “view cart” becomes a clickable link.  When you click on it, it will take you to a new page.  That link is

  • 06.)  Here (above), on the “Cart” page, you are able to enter in current coupons, update cart, and proceed to checkout.

Here is where you have a fork in the road, and you get to register in one of two ways.  You can choose to hire a Faculty Aide, or you can choose to enroll without one.

  • **06b.) Securing a Faculty Aide – when you have hired a Faculty Aide, they will provide you with an additional $40 off coupon code.
    To secure a Faculty Aide, you will see that on this same page, there is a listing of Faculty Aide members.  You can choose to hire one.  When you secure payment with them, they will respond to you by giving you a coupon code.  You can wait to submit your tuition and enroll until your Faculty Aide has given you your code.  You’ll return right to this page, where you will enter in their code as one more of your coupons to reduce your tuition cost.  It is $40 to secure a Faculty Aide, paid directly to the Faculty Aide of your choice, and they in turn provide you a $40 off coupon for your tuition, so it works as a wash in your financial investment.
  • Faculty Aide team members agree to message, tag or email you once a week for eight consecutive weeks.  This can be a great encouragement and motivator to successfully complete the program.  Choosing a Faculty Aide or not has no bearing on your ability to graduate and there is no bias or pressure whatsoever.



  • 07.) From your cart, you’ll be ready to proceed to checkout.  
  • Finally, when you click that “Proceed to Checkout” bar, it will take you to a page to enter in your data, and complete payment.

  • 08.)  When you’ve completed this process, you are enrolled!  You will receive:
    • a receipt from paypal,
    • you will receive an Instant Download PDF file we call our Orientation Manual,
    • you will receive an invitation to join our SBD U Admissions group (our Orientation Manual & student accesses are all there), and
    • you can communicate with Heidi Faith, founder, in a number of ways.

For any questions, you can reach the founder directly.

Heidi Faith can be reached at:


Once you’ve sent payment:

  • Once you’ve completed your tuition payment, you’ve completed registration and are enrolled!  Now it’s time to get started!
  • Because between your paypal information, your social media profile and your personal legal name (maiden, divorced, married, hyphenated), there are so many variables on our administrative side to be sure that we have connected with you.  Getting into your learning materials can happen the most expeditiously when you, after payment, simply join our Admissions group.  If you are not on facebook, simply email for your materials.

In SBDU Admissions, you will find:

  • a kind of map for accessing the student database
  • another copy of the Orientation Manual in case it didn’t instantly download to your device when you registered
  • updated information and lots of connections!




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