Supporting Birth Diversity

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We here at stillbirthday support both birth & bereavement diversity.



Embracing our similarities while celebrating our differences.


Birth Diversity

  • Every mother has a right to her own interpretation of her own experiences.
  • We are prepared to validate and support to the depths of our well, and for us, this begins with the acknowledgement that birth occurs in any trimester, and it follows through by slowing down, asking questions, and validating the mother and family as we mirror back to them their interpretation so that we can best support them.
  • We support birth – all birth.  This includes:
    • uncomplicated, uneventful live birth, as well as most any other live birth related plans and decisions, including place of birth, vaginal birth, Cesarean birth, VBAC, or any other birth related decision or experience.
    • NICU, adoption, surrogacy, ART, birth trauma, pregnancy and infant loss.
    • all cultural, religious and personal interpretation of birth, motherhood and family.
  • Our experiences of birth and of bereavement are profoundly intimate and personal, and yet they have an irrefutable influence on our family, our community and even our global culture.  Supporting Birth Diversity means to hold these truths with reverence.

You’re Invited

  • Please visit our Supporting Birth Diversity photo collection, and share your photo and story with us.
  • Learn more by visiting our sister site, our subsidiary resource, at
  • Please utilize our free birth plans and other resources here at stillbirthday for birth in any trimester, which also include bereavement support when enduring loss.


Bereavement Diversity

  • Supporting bereavement diversity is intricately and intrinsically connected to supporting birth diversity, because of the inclusion of giving birth to healing and mothering our mourning.
  • Pregnancy and infant loss knows no boundaries.  It touches every continent, culture and community.  We aim to do the same.
  • We have an extensive network of support resources for bereaved families as they become pregnant with grief, as they labor toward healing, and as they learn how to parent their mourning by providing it with both the permission and discipline it needs to stay healthy.

“When a woman conceives her true self, a miracle occurs and life around her begins again.”  ~Marianne Williamson

Get Involved

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  • Supporting Birth Diversity
  • Supporting Bereavement Diversity
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