Training Updates

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For SBD University Alumni, here are brief notes about the most recent revisions and updates to the training.

Remember, you never have to recertify, so having access to these updates is for your benefit.  You are encouraged to further invest in your education and in the families you serve, by self-study, personal enrichment and enrolling in related trainings.  Stillbirthday doesn’t compete with other organizations; we believe that our program can richly complement other material and that it’s very good to expand our knowledge, sharpen our skills and enhance our abilities.  The families we serve deserve our commitment and love.

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Training Updates

In chronological order, with most recent first:


November 2014:

  • The opportunity to serve on the stillbirthday team as a Student Lead is extended to 8 select individuals per session.  Please visit your Student Resources within the Lead section for details.
  • Supplemental files have gone into every module.


September 2014:

  • Discounts/Grad Portfolio: Additional organizations have joined our exclusive SBD doula discount list in your graduate portfolio.



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